Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 645

Chapter 645: Marriage (16)

Qiao Anhao was the warmth that Lu Jinnian had tried with all his strength to get near.

He once thought that he never had any hope of receiving this warmth.

But now he had gotten it. Yet he felt like he could lose it at any time.

He couldn't not admit that the words "Xu Jiamu" from her mouth instantly exposed his unbearably disheveled self of the past few months.

Lu Jinnian didn't go back to the bedroom all night. Instead, he was smoking for most of the night on the balcony of the study room until a slither of light escaped from eastern skies. As the bright red sunlight rose, he moved about with his body having become stiff from sitting for too long. He then pulled out his phone and dialed a number. 

"Lucy, it's me... Have you slept? It's nothing, haven't you always wanted to travel to China? If you have time lately, you can come over... Uh huh, I want to talk to you... All right, I'll wait for you to book the tickets. Tell me when, I'll come pick you up... Uh huh. See ya."

He hung up the call. The sunlight had already pierced through the windows of the first floor.

Qiao Anhao was probably going to wake up soon, right? He should go back to the bedroom.

Lu Jinnian rubbed his face a little and sat there with his phone in his hand for a while. He then tidied up the mountain high pile of cigarette b.u.t.ts and went back into the bedroom.

He wasn't in a rush to climb back into bed and went to the bathroom first to take a shower and brush his teeth to get rid of the smell of smoke. Only then he quietly slipped back into the bed.

Qiao Anhao was deep asleep. Her face was just as beautiful and peaceful as it were before he left. Lu Jinnian's eyes flickered for a moment, and he pulled her into his arms again and shut his eyes.

On the third day after their marriage, Qiao Anhao officially started filming in Beijing for "Love at First Sight", a movie Huan Ying Entertainment had previously arranged for her.

"Love at First Sight" wasn't a movie with a big budget, and so the celebrities cast weren't major stars. Qiao Anhao was cast as the female lead, and the male lead was an older celebrity, who had been in the industry for a long time and was never able to catch a break. The supporting female actress was an old acquaintance, Lin s.h.i.+yi.

Ever since being blocked after "Alluring Times", Lin s.h.i.+yi wasn't cast in any movies for several months. It was not until in November, when she jumped between different men that she incidentally hooked a film investor. The investor seemed to have really fallen for her, as he actually injected a large sum into the "Love at First Sight" and helped her snag the supporting female role.

Because of the investment, Lin s.h.i.+yi was bolder than when she filmed "Alluring Times". Even the director and screenwriter had to let her be to some degree, not to mention the other staff members and actors. Whoever saw her would always treat her with respect and call her Sister s.h.i.+yi.

Honestly speaking, if it weren't for Zhao Meng's reminder, Qiao Anhao would of completely forgotten about Lin s.h.i.+yi.

Lin s.h.i.+yi's personality was overbearing. The two of them had argued on so many occasions, and every time, Lin s.h.i.+yi would never get anywhere. Now that she had bounced back, Qiao Anhao's first instinct was that this movie won't be that easy to film.

However, in truth, the situation was much better than she had imagined. At the very least, she and Lin s.h.i.+yi didn't have to see one another for a week before shooting, so things between them seemed calm and peaceful.

Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng sat in the break room, waiting to shoot the next scene, but as there were so many outtakes during the current scenes being shot, Zhao Meng yawned in boredom. Suddenly, she came over to Qiao Anhao to gossip. "Qiao Qiao, how is life after getting remarried to Mr. Lu?"