Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Text Messages on the Phone (2)

Qiao Anhao calmly sat in her seat, waving for her make up artist to be still.

The make up artist didn't quite understand what Qiao Anhao meant, but stood by the column beside her.

Nearby, Lin s.h.i.+yi wore a cold smile, as she watched what had just happened. She calmly raised her chin to let her make up artist retouch her make up.

After checking the set, the director walked back into the make up room to check if the two of them had finished preparing yet. He couldn't help but furrow his brows when he saw that Qiao Anhao sat relaxed and hadn't even started yet. "Xiao Qiao, why haven't you started getting your make up retouched?"

Qiao Anhao looked towards the two scripts in front of her. Without leaving any s.p.a.ce for negotiations, she pointed at the earlier script and said, "If we're shooting this script, then I'll get my make up retouched. If we're shooting this script, then I'm not shooting."

"Not shooting? Then my make up was all for nothing?" asked Lin s.h.i.+yi angrily, suddenly turning her head towards the director.

On set, the investor was always the person who called the shots. Even the director had to listen to Lin s.h.i.+yi, as she brought the investment to their drama, so when he heard her words, he immediately glared at Qiao Anhao. "Xiao Qiao, don't forget that you signed the contract. Do you think if you say you're not shooting, then you really aren't going to shoot?"

He then shot the make up artist that stood to a side a fierce look and said, "Hurry up and retouch her make up. What are you doing just standing there?"

With that, he also mumbled to himself, "Acting so big... out here being so picky with the script? If you've got the b.a.l.l.s then why don't you invest in the drama yourself and be the boss?"

On hearing the director's complaint, Lin s.h.i.+yi burst out laughing, and used Zhao Meng's words to mock her enigmatically, "Director, you must be careful! Qiao Anhao has someone big backing her. He has so much power, he can not only give us all paid leave, he could also cut my role at any time. Oh! If that wasn't enough, he could stop production at any time..."

Before Lin s.h.i.+yi could finish, the make up room doors opened and a surprised voice cried, "Mr. Lu!"

Just then, everyone in the make up room looked over at the entrance to find Lu Jinnian dressed in a long black coat. His tall handsome figure stood there radiating a bright, majestic, and benevolent aura.

Lu Jinnian's appearance silenced the entire make up room in an instant.

Everyone wore an astonished expression on their faces, feeling a little lost. This man was the best screen actor for six consecutive years, the CEO of Huan Ying Entertainment, and the man who recently acquired Xu enterprises. Why would such a legendary man like him appear here?

Lu Jinnian's face still wore a cold expression as though he were thousands of meters away from others. However, it was cold in its own unique way.

He stood at the door, staring to his left and right in a callous pose, as though he was looking for something. Eventually, his eyes fell on Qiao Anhao. Then, in front of everyone in the make up room, he didn't hold back as he called her with her nickname, "Qiao Qiao."

The entire make up room instantly fell silent. The make up artist who was retouching her make up stopped moving.

All eyes were on Lu Jinnian, then they s.h.i.+fted onto Qiao Anhao.

She sluggishly got up from her seat. Under everyone's stares, she walked around the dressing table and towards Lu Jinnian.

Even if Qiao Anhao had remained calm while being mocked by Lin s.h.i.+yi and the director, their words still had an affect of her mood.

When she walked closer, Lu Jinnian saw that between her brows, the hint of annoyance. His own brows instinctively started to crease up. "What happened?"