Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 652

Chapter 652: Text Messages on the Phone (3)

When Qiao Anhao walked closer, Lu Jinnian saw that between her brows, the hint of annoyance. His own brows instinctively started to crease up. "What happened?"

On a normal day, it would take at least half an hour from Mian Xiu Garden to the set, even without traffic.

On the phone, he told her to wait for twenty minutes, which she thought was him speaking casually. She never thought that he'd come in fourteen minutes flat!

Perhaps because he had ran out of the house in a hurry, the inside of his s.h.i.+rt's collar was a little creased up.

All of a sudden, Qiao Anhao felt like she was being a little unreasonable. Wasn't someone just looking down on her? Was it worth her making it such a big deal, to even calling him over?

Seeing as Qiao Anhao just stared at him, hesitant to talk, Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows even harder. He then lifted his head and scanned the room full of people with an intense look. When he saw that some people looked uncomfortable, he vaguely understood something. He lowered his head again and asked again in a quiet and good-natured tone of voice, "Just what happened? Did someone pick on you?"

Well she wasn't completely being picked on per say... Lin s.h.i.+yi was trying to trouble her, but Zhao Meng's sharp tongue had forced her to retaliate, so she didn't really lose out.

What's more, when she called, he didn't even ask her for a reason and rushed over here in a hurry.

Even if she was severely wronged, in that very moment, she felt that it wasn't even worth bringing up. She gently shook her head at Lu Jinnian.

No matter how smart Lu Jinnian was, he could only guess that someone had upset Qiao Anhao. As for what made her so upset, he didn't have a clue. For a moment, he was worried that she was in a physical fight, where she lost out, so he looked her up and down. When he was sure that she was fine, he reached his arm out and brushed the hair that draped over her face behind her ears, and said in soft voice, "Tell me, who picked on you?"

In that moment, the director snapped back to reality, and immediately wore a smile on his face to suck up to him. He hurriedly walked over to Lu Jinnian, speaking in a friendly tone, "Mr. Lu, well actually, n.o.body bullied Miss Qiao, it's all just a misunderstanding..."

Before the director could finish, Lu Jinnian, who was staring at Qiao Anhao with gentle eyes, suddenly lifted his head and swiftly swept his sharp eyes towards the director. The expression on his face was frighteningly arctic. When he spoke, his voice was distant and quiet, with the power to stop someone in their tracks. "Did I ask you?"

The director froze when he saw Lu Jinnian's expression when saying those four words. He stopped walking, too afraid to draw any closer, and his smiling face had become a little awkward.

Even though Qiao Anhao was prepared to embarra.s.s herself in front of Lu Jinnian, when it came time to ask him, she still lowered her head, feeling a little ashamed.

Lu Jinnian quickly turned his eyes back to Qiao Anhao, and waited patiently for her to speak.

Because his att.i.tude towards the director just now had been overly terrifying, n.o.body dared to speak recklessly. They could only quietly wait as well.

In that instant, the make up room fell completely silent.

Qiao Anhao's silence made Lu Jinnian feel that the situation was more serious than he had imagined. A hint of hostility emerged from the usual cold expression he wore on his face, and he suddenly lifted his head and told Zhao Meng, "You, tell me what happened."