Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 654

Chapter 654: Text Messages on the Phone (5)

Qiao Anhao bit her bottom lip and thought about what Lin s.h.i.+yi and Zhao Meng had said in their argument.

She wasn't sure if Lu Jinnian would be fine with Zhao Meng using him to compare and argue with other people.

If he really was unhappy, then what if Zhao Meng got dragged into this?

Even though Qiao Anhao didn't do it, she racked her brain over it and ended up blaming it on herself. "So I was so miserable, I started arguing with her..."

She may have been complaining, but besides putting Zhao Meng words onto herself, she explained everything else truthfully. "I cursed her out first..."

In reality, it was Zhao Meng who had first called Lin s.h.i.+yi 'shameless'. 

As she said that, Qiao Anhao, who wasn't very confident, sneakily raised her eyes to look at Lu Jinnian. Seeing that he wasn't mad at her for shouting at someone else first, she continued to recount what happened. "She then told me that whoever has money calls the shots..."

Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows.

"She also said that if I was so big, then I should invest several thousand millions and change the script back to how it was before..."

Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows even tighter.

"In the end, she even said I had no power, which irritated me..." After talking for so long, Qiao Anhao finally got to the point once again. She didn't dare look at Lu Jinnian, keeping her head down when she said in a little voice, "I couldn't take it, so I told her to stop showing off her man everyday. My man is better than hers by far. Don't even mention treating everyone to afternoon tea, he could give everyone paid leave. Don't even mention changing the script, he could cut her role at any time..."

The entire make up room fell extremely silent. Qiao Anhao was there just rambling at Lu Jinnian, and in his eyes, he was facing the woman talking to him as though nothing existed around him.

The more Qiao Anhao spoke, the less confident she got. Suddenly, she got a "My dad is Li Gang" sense of déjà vu. In her mind, she resisted, but then her little face reddened. 'I'm done for!'  Lu Jinnian was going to definitely see her as a vain and boastful woman, thought Qiao Anhao, saying as quietly as a fly, "I also said that you could stop production at any time."

Oh G.o.d. How could Zhao Meng put such a big lie out there?

It wasn't enough for her to put such a big lie on the open, she actually made it happen by really calling Lu Jinnian over...

Don't even mention Lu Jinnian looking down on her, she now even looked down on herself a little. He must be so disappointed in her, right?

Qiao Anhao was about to stick to his chest, like a kid who had done something naughty. She nervously grabbed his sleeve, and continued to honestly say, "Lin s.h.i.+yi didn't believe me and said I was just bluffing, so I called you..."

When Qiao Anhao said that, it was all finally crystal clear now.

She didn't dare imagine how Lu Jinnian looked at that moment, even more so lift her head to check.

The make up room was deadly silent, which made Qiao Anhao feel even more uneasy. She still felt that Lu Jinnian would probably be unhappy, so she tried to make him feel better by adding, "Actually, I don't even want to compare my man with hers. I was just so mad that she said my man was so old he could be my father and I was ashamed to show his face, I... I..."

No matter how she explained it, it sounded weak...