Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Text Messages on the Phone (8)

"My only request is that I get paid back tenfold for the amount of slaps she has written in the script you gave Qiao Anhao!"

Lu Jinnian only used a single "she" to replace Lin s.h.i.+yi. His expression spoke that it wasn't even worth calling her by the name.

Pay back tenfold... implied that he had to think of a way for Qiao Anhao's character to slap Lin s.h.i.+yi several times over, because she had thrown money away to change the script just to slap Qiao Anhao's character. 

So to speak... Lu Jinnian didn't cut her screen time at all?

Lin s.h.i.+yi sat in her own seat with her chin slightly raised, and thought about that.

She couldn't mess with Lu Jinnian. In fact, he had previously made her suffer enough, but no matter how bad it got, she would just be cast out. She didn't need to be like the others, in a sense that she needn't kiss up to Lu Jinnian to survive in the industry.

Since that was the case, then she didn't need to embarra.s.s herself in front of Lu Jinnian with so many people around, and chose to suffer in silence.

What's more, she had her investor to back her. Lu Jinnian wouldn't want to get on someone's wrong side over a woman, right...

At that thought, Lin s.h.i.+yi let out a chuckle, for she wasn't the least bit afraid, and said, "Didn't you say that you could cut my screen time at any moment? Why haven't you cut it? So as it turns out, Mr. Lu isn't as good as Qiao Anhao was boasting?"

When Lin s.h.i.+yi said that, everyone in the room broke a sweat for her.

Everyone a.s.sumed that Lu Jinnian would direct his anger towards her, but who knew, he treated her as though she didn't exist. He completely ignored her words and continued to stare at the director menacingly. "Since Qiao Qiao said to stop production, then this drama is going to stop shooting for three months."

He really was going to halt production... that would be such a big loss... the director instinctively opened his mouth to beg, "Mr. Lu..."

Lu Jinnian didn't even give the director a chance to speak, as though it wasn't up for negotiation. He said, "Five months."

The director naturally looked over at Qiao Anhao for help. "Miss Qiao..."

"Eight months." Lu Jinnian didn't even think twice as he threw out those two words. "If you dare say another word, I'll stop production for a year."

The director didn't dare to make even a sound.

Qiao Anhao, who sat to one side, bit down hard onto her straw, her emotions going up again after she had calmed herself down when she saw Lu Jinnian not angry. Wasn't he taking this a little too far?

Lu Jinnian neutrally pulled his eyes away from the director and slowly landed them on Lin s.h.i.+yi, who sat to one side. "Miss Lin, your boyfriend is so rich, the several thousand million investment could stretch for seven to eight months and he shouldn't mind at all, right?"

Lin s.h.i.+yi pursed her lips, but didn't say a word.

Lu Jinnian continued to calmly and slowly say, "If Miss Lin really wants to kick off production, that's isn't impossible, you can just return my investment and let your boyfriend cover it all. By then, don't even talk about the script, you can change it from a modern drama to a period drama."

Lin s.h.i.+yi balled her hands into fists, but still didn't say a word.

Lu Jinnian raised a hand and placed it sluggishly on the back of Qiao Anhao's chair. He then asked again, as if in afterthought, "Oh right. Miss Lin, what did you just say? That I didn't have the power to cut your part at any time?"

Lu Jinnian lowered his eyes and chuckled as though he'd heard a really funny joke.