Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Text Messages on the Phone (10)

Qiao Anhao pretended as though she saw nothing, nonchalantly wiped her hands clean. She pulled the door open and walked out.

It was not until Lin s.h.i.+yi heard the door close that the angry expression on her face disappeared, replaced with rolling tears down her face.

In the past, she had never accepted losing to Qiao Anhao because Lu Jinnian was always there. Every time she collided with her, she'd end up in the worst situation. Every time! Now she and Qiao Anhao were on the same set again, and she only dared to treat Qiao Anhao like that because she had heard that Lu Jinnian had left Beijing. However, who would of thought... it was just the same as before. She moved a boulder again to only smash it on her own foot.

Didn't they say that Lu Jinnian had disappeared? How did he suddenly reappear again?

Lin s.h.i.+yi's brows suddenly furrowed. She remembered how she saw a figure as cool as Lu Jinnian with a tall foreign woman go into a room, just when she was with her boyfriend at the Four Seasons hotel last night... At the time, she'd thought that the back of the man looked like Lu Jinnian's but dismissed it since he was missing. Now, though, it seemed like it really could have been him...

When Qiao Anhao left the bathroom and returned to the make up room, Lu Jinnian was already gone. Just as she picked up her bag, ready to look for him, an eighteen year old woman curiously raised her head and cried, "Sis Anhao". She nosily asked, "Is Mr. Lu really Sis Anhao's boyfriend?"

Since Lu Jinnian had to wait for quite some time for Qiao Anhao, he went out to light up a cigarette. Just when he headed back to the make up room and pushed the door half-way open, he heard someone ask Qiao Anhao this question. He didn't know why, but at that moment, his footsteps paused at the entrance and his eyes locked onto Qiao Anhao's face.

Today, it was originally Zhao Meng and Lin s.h.i.+yi who had started arguing, and so Qiao Anhao had called Lu Jinnian to come over. At the very least, she could tell everyone that their relations.h.i.+p wasn't normal.

She and Lu Jinnian has been married for over ten days, yet he had never announced their relations.h.i.+p, and so she didn't dare to announce it either.

Suddenly, for someone to ask that question, how was she going to answer?

Qiao Anhao thought deeply about it for a moment, and eventually shook her head slowly. "No."

Lu Jinnian, who stood outside the door, balled his hands into tight fists. His heart unexpectedly fell to the lowest pit.

In the room, Qiao Anhao gently smiled at the young woman and said in a soft voice, "Lu Jinnian isn't my boyfriend, he's my husband."

It was clearly the truth, so why was she so guilty? Would Lu Jinnian be angry with her?

Lu Jinnian, who was disappointed and hurt, suddenly felt his heart tremble.

He really didn't think that she would say such a thing.

The only reason why he didn't announce their relations.h.i.+p was because he wasn't sure about the feelings they shared. But today, she called him to show off, and openly admitted that he was her husband... Could she really like him?

Lu Jinnian felt his heart race like crazy as he watched Qiao Anhao talking to a young girl through the crack of the doors. He didn't disturb her, but waited for her outside.

Qiao Anhao was afraid that Lu Jinnian was waiting for her, and so she hurriedly said goodbye to the young girl, then rushed over to the entrance. However, just as she walked a few steps forward, she suddenly heard the voice of someone crying.

"Qiao Anhao."