Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 661

Chapter 661: Text Messages on the Phone (12)

When Qiao Anhao finished speaking, she walked right around Lin s.h.i.+yi, and pulled open the make up room door.

Her words drained the blood from Lin s.h.i.+yi's face. She slowly lifted her chin, turned around, and faced Qiao Anhao, who was eager to leave. She purposefully opened her mouth again to speak in a serious tone, "Oh, that's right. Qiao Anhao, I forgot to tell you just now... The room they booked at the Four Seasons is room 1002, the presidential suite."

The hand Qiao Anhao used to hold the door trembled slightly, but from behind, she looked incredibly calm. She leisurely stomped out with a crisp 'ttta' sound of her high heels, as though Lin s.h.i.+yi wasn't talking to her at all.

When they left the set, it was already time to have dinner. On their way back to Mian Xiu Garden, they coincidentally pa.s.sed a Cantonese restaurant, so Lu Jinnian turned the car towards it.

He ordered the food, choosing only light dishes.

The restaurant served the food very quickly. Before they started eating, Lu Jinnian personally handed Qiao Anhao a wet towel. Throughout their meal, he would pick up some food and place it onto her plate, but he didn't really eat himself at all. From the start, it seemed like he was at Qiao Anhao's beck and call, circling her.

When she put down her chopsticks, he immediately handed her a napkin. When she almost finished drinking her cup of tea, he immediately filled it up for her. When she sneaked a glance at a plate, he immediately grabbed food from that plate for her. When there was a dish with fish or shrimp, he would debone or desh.e.l.l it and hand her the soft meaty flesh.

In the days since Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had gotten married, they'd spent three meals a day together. It wasn't like Lu Jinnian had never pulled out a chair for her, handed her a napkin, or poured tea for her, but he was never as attentive and enthusiastic as tonight.

Just as Qiao Anhao chewed the shrimp Lu Jinnian had just peeled, she couldn't help but raise her eyes. She observed him, who was pouring her tea, to find that he still had the same cold expression on his face. However, his relaxed brows told her that his mood was particularly good after leaving the set tonight.

But on the set, she clearly caused him trouble...

At that thought, Qiao Anhao remembered Zhao Meng's boastful words, causing her little face to immediately heat up.

If it wasn't enough for Zhao Meng to not think before speaking when she randomly gloated, Qiao Anhao then had relayed it all to him. And after that, he actually went along and carried out every word.

Especially the part where he stopped production of "Love at First Sight" for eight months! Also, for Lin s.h.i.+yi's boyfriend to contribute such a big investment, he must be someone with a powerful background... Before Lu Jinnian even asked who the investor was, he stopped production just like that, with her single word... Her momentary unruliness and impulse... will it cause Lu Jinnian trouble?

At that moment, Qiao Anhao became a little shy. She couldn't help but lower her head, from which she discovered that there were two peeled shrimps and a piece of deboned fish already in her bowl.

She felt even more uneasy and guilty. She pouted and picked up a shrimp and put it into her mouth, then raised her head and stared at Lu Jinnian in front of her, carefully asking, "This afternoon on set... did I cause you trouble?"

Compared to Qiao Anhao's genuine restlessness, Lu Jinnian appeared calm and composed. So much so that he seemed like he didn't care at all. "How much trouble could you have caused me?"

With Lu Jinnian's vague and lighthearted question back, another peeled shrimp fell into Qiao Anhao's bowl.