Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 662

Chapter 662: Text Messages on the Phone (13)

"After all, Lin s.h.i.+yi's boyfriend invested so much money, which goes to say, he must be quite a big deal..."

"Whether her boyfriend is a big deal or not, is that something you should be worrying about?" Lu Jinnian picked up a piece of fish. As he deboned it, he interrupted Qiao Anhao in a nonchalant voice, cutting off her words. "What if I caused you to have an enemy in the business industry? Then what?"

Qiao Anhao's words were left stuck in her throat, and she gulped, staring at Lu Jinnian for about five seconds. She then realized what he had meant. Her eyes suddenly twinkled, and she drew her face closer. "Lu Jinnian, are you acting jealous?"

Lu Jinnian turned his gaze from the fish to Qiao Anhao's face, and stared at her with a neutral look. "Do you really think that a man who set his eyes on Miss Lin is worthy of my jealousy?"

Ayah... She was clearly being looked down on, so why did it make her feel so good?

Qiao Anhao's eyes were curved as she pouted her bright red lips from the hot chillis. "You're clearly jealous... It's because I said that her boyfriend was a big deal that you're acting jea..."

Before she could say her final word 'jealous', Lu Jinnian suddenly picked up the deboned fish and shoved it into her mouth, stopping her from talking once again.

When Qiao Anhao swallowed the fish, she clearly saw Lu Jinnian's pale face gain a slight tinge of pink. She couldn't help but laugh whilst eating, which made him glare at her even more intensely. She hurriedly bit her lip and held her laughter in.

She then her eyes into a crescent moon shape. Like this, she looked the most charming and attractive self. Lu Jinnian couldn't help but turn his head towards the window, and the tint of red on his face grew even more evident.

However, even with Lu Jinnian's nonchalant words as guarantee, Qiao Anhao still felt uncertain. She was afraid that he would judge her for what she'd said, and so after eating the last shrimp, she asked in an obedient voice, "Lu Jinnian, did I go a little overboard this afternoon?"

Lu Jinnian took the last peeled shrimp and shoved it into Qiao Anhao's mouth. Then, he grabbed a napkin and slowly wiped his fingers. When he spoke, his tone of voice was rather flat but there was also a mix of infinite affection and pampering. "I wouldn't mind if you'd went even more overboard."

I really don't mind if you went a little overboard.

On the contrary, I really like it when you go overboard.

It gave me a sense that in your world, I am someone who you can't be without.

I love you, I like you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you... Those were the world's most sentimental terms of endearment. To randomly spit any one of those lines would touch someone.

But, Lu Jinnian had said "I don't mind if you went a little overboard".

Qiao Anhao thought that those words were the most beautiful words she'd heard in the world. The warmest of sweet words couldn't even compare.

Even though she didn't believe Lin s.h.i.+yi's words, her one line of "after marriage, he hadn't even bought you a wedding ring?" had prodded the softest part of her heart.

On their way off set, she had told herself over and over again that Lin s.h.i.+yi was just saying it to upset her. She mustn't get upset, or she'd fall for her trap.

What's more, wasn't it just a wedding ring?