Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 664

Chapter 664: Text Messages on the Phone (15)

Why was Lu Jinnian getting dressed?

Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows when she heard Lu Jinnian come out from the changing room, and then shut the bedroom door on his way out.

The room fell silent once again, and her eyes were filled with suspicion when she opened them. She soon heard the door open downstairs and her brows furrowed even tighter. She instinctively threw the covers off of herself, jumped out of bed, and ran towards the balcony. From there, she saw Lu Jinnian get into his car. The car lights lit up. He slowly turned the car around and drove out the courtyard.

Why wasn't he asleep? What did he sneak out on his own for? In the middle of the night nonetheless...

Qiao Anhao stood on the balcony in bewilderment for a long while, before running back into the bedroom. She grabbed her phone, ready to call him when... who else went through her head but Lin s.h.i.+yi's earlier words.

Four Seasons Hotel... a foreign woman... a man and a woman alone in a room... room 1002, the presidential suite...

Those words were as full of impact as an explosive in Qiao Anhao's mind, going off again and again.

Her hand trembled and the phone fell down and crashed next to her feet. Her delicately white skin instantly became red, but she didn't seem to feel any pain at all, as she remained frozen there.

Lu Jinnian liked her so much... How could he go look for another woman?

However, for as long as they've been married, he had never once made a move on her. Even tonight, she made a move to fall into him, yet he didn't do a thing. But in the afternoon, Lu Jinnian had looked after her, and when she mentioned another man over dinner, he'd gotten jealous. He clearly cared about her.

No-no-no, she had to trust Lu Jinnian... For him to go out like that, he must have his reasons... She couldn't let herself be affected by Lin s.h.i.+yi...

Qiao Anhao forcefully shook her head, shut her eyes, and took a deep breath. She tried her best to calm herself down, as she continuously told herself to stop thinking about it, but the more she told herself not to, the wilder her thoughts ran. Eventually, she sat by the side of her bed as though she'd lost all the strength in her body and looked around the empty bedroom. Her heart was overwhelmed with panic.

A thought came to mind that impelled her to look into it, but another thought forced her to stop.

The two thoughts fought one another in her mind for a long time, before Qiao Anhao finally stood up and walked towards the changing room.

She had no idea how she got dressed, nor how she walked out the door. In short, when she finally snapped back to reality, she was already at the entrance of Mian Xiu Garden's neighborhood, having hailed a taxi.

She got into the car, and when the driver asked her where she was headed, she paused for a long moment before saying, "Four Seasons Hotel".

It was one in the morning. The streets were empty and extremely silent, and the sound of the speeding car traveled through Qiao Anhao's ears.

She didn't know for how long they had been driving when the car came to a stop. She just stared blankly out the window without any reaction.

The driver turned his head and patted the back of his seat. "Miss, we're here."

With that, Qiao Anhao seemed to nod in retrospect. She pushed open the car door and got ready to get out.

"Miss, you haven't paid your fare!"