Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Text Messages on the Phone (16)

After the taxi driver's reminder, Qiao Anhao took half a minute to understand what he meant, then hastily pulled out her purse and paid the fare.

The taxi driver had stopped the car opposite the Four Seasons Hotel. After waiting for the taxi to leave, Qiao Anhao stared up at the dazzlingly lights of the hotel across the wide road in front of her.

She couldn't say why, but the nerves started to take over her heart. She kind of wanted to go over, and yet she kind of didn't.

She stood on the street for five whole minutes before turning around, walking casually toward the Sky Bridge and onward, step-by-step.

She descended the Sky Bridge, and her eyes instantly locked on to the car at the hotel's entrance.

It was Lu Jinnian's car.

He had really come to the Four Seasons Hotel...

In that instant, her chaotic heart completely collapsed.

Could it be that what Lin s.h.i.+yi had said was true?

Lu Jinnian had come to the Four Seasons Hotel to hook up with a foreign woman?

However, they had clearly fallen asleep together in bed last night... In the morning, it was also her who had woken up first. He rested beside her, in the same hugging pose as the night before.

She stared at his car for a long while, before her gaze honed in on the Four Seasons Hotel. She lifted her head and looked up at the top floor.

The highest floor was the presidential suite... Lin s.h.i.+yi had even told her the room number. Could they really be in room 1002?

Qiao Anhao gulped and hesitated for a moment. Eventually she strode over towards the hotel.

In the Four Seasons Hotel, even if you wanted to visit, you had to register.

All she had to do was give Lu Jinnian's name and ID number, then she'll know if he was in room 1002.

At the front desk of the Four Seasons Hotel, there were only two members of staff on duty. Perhaps because it was very late, they were slightly dozing off. When they saw Qiao Anhao walk over, one of the gentlemen immediately summoned his energy and smiled. He kindly asked, "Excuse me Miss, are you here to check in?"

Qiao Anhao's expression seemed calm when she shook her head. After taking her phone out and finding Lu Jinnian's ID number, she said to the front desk, "I have a friend here. I'm here to see him. His ID number is..."

The gentleman quickly typed the series of numbers that Qiao Anhao had given into the computer.

When he finished entering the eleven digit ID number, he politely asked Qiao Anhao to "Please wait". He then pressed search. After waiting for about half a minute, the gentleman pointed over to the elevator. "Mr. Lu is in room 1002, allow me to take you up."

In that instant, Qiao Anhao couldn't quite describe how she felt.

Actually, the reason for why she came out in the middle of the night was because her woman's intuition told her that there was something Lu Jinnian has been hiding from her.

As soon as she saw his car at the entrance of the Four Seasons Hotel, she had already felt that there was a possibility that what Lin s.h.i.+yi had said was true.

Yet, her heart still hadn't grasped onto the idea and was reluctant to believe her, so she had to run to the front desk to be certain.

Qiao Anhao felt like her heart had been ruthlessly cut open by someone and the fresh blood poured endlessly out of her. She was so pained that her face instantly turned pale white and her feet got cold.

But even then, her heart still repeatedly argued that everything wasn't real.