Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 667

Chapter 667: Text Messages on the Phone (18)

Neither one spoke. Instead, they quietly stared at one another.

Qiao Anhao didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed when the sound of high heels came from behind Lu Jinnian and a familiar voice, in English, was heard. "Nian, who is it?"

When the last syllable fell, Qiao Anhao saw the blonde woman in the long red dress walk over from inside the room. She recognized her from first glance. It was clearly the woman Lu Jinnian had taken to dinner in America!

Could it be that she had never given up on him even after learning that she was pregnant with Lu Jinnian's baby? Had she chased him all the way to China?

The instant Lucy spoke, Lu Jinnian snapped back to reality.

Wasn't Qiao Anhao asleep? How had she follow him to the Four Seasons Hotel? That wasn't the point… It was the middle of the night, and he was in a room with someone of the other s.e.x...

Suddenly, a hint of panic emerged beneath Lu Jinnian's eyes. He nervously cried out, "Qiao Qiao..."

Before he could finish, Qiao Anhao, who stood in front of him like a statue looked like she was provoked by something. Her body started to tremble lightly. Then, the next second, she abruptly grabbed onto his hand, as though she was afraid that what he said next would shatter her. She beat him to it and said, "Lu Jinnian, why did you leave by yourself? I didn't dare sleep on my own."

In a situation like this, normally speaking, shouldn't the woman hysterically hit or curse?

Why was Qiao Anhao's reaction so strange?

Lu Jinnian had clearly not done anything to let her down, but in that moment, he'd completely lost her trust. "Qiao Qiao, listen to me. Lucy and I..."

Lucy looked at the scene before her in confusion, then at Lu Jinnian and asked, "Nian?"

As though Lucy's voice had set Qiao Anhao off, she suddenly screamed the words, "Lu Jinnian, I want to go home!"

As her voice dropped, she jumped into Lu Jinnian's arms. She hugged his neck like a little girl, whining in a low and pitiful voice, "Home... home... Lu Jinnian, let's go home. Please?"

"Alright, alright," he responded, afraid that she would lose it again. He didn't even grab his jacket, as he hurriedly left Lucy with a "Sorry" behind him. He immediately stretched his arms out and carried Qiao Anhao with big strides towards the elevators.

On the way down, Qiao Anhao looked like she was afraid of something, for her body trembled in his arms. As she hugged his neck, she wouldn't stop gripping harder onto him as the time went on. When they reached the final floor, Lu Jinnian's breathing was a little irregular, yet he didn't dare say something to remind her.

Just as he carried her out of the hotel's lobby, Qiao Anhao suddenly spoke. "Lu Jinnian, start up the car. I'm going to the toilets."

"I'll carry you." When he said this, he turned around, about to rush over to the lobby's restrooms.

"I don't want you to. I want to go on my own!" said Qiao Anhao in a m.u.f.fled voice. She struggled out of his arms, then didn't wait for him to react as she ran over to the restroom.

Lu Jinnian didn't actually start up the car, but followed behind her.

He stood at the entrance of the restroom for twenty minutes, but didn't see Qiao Anhao come out.