Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 669

Chapter 669: Text Messages on the Phone(20)

When she came back down, she didn't head to the main hall directly. Instead, she turned towards the restroom to wash her face and calm down. 

The moment she entered the main hall, she saw Lu Jinnian's back. Amid the cold winter season, all he had on was a thin s.h.i.+rt, but even then he appeared elegant, as though unaffected by the cold.

Qiao Anhao clenched onto her s.h.i.+rt and took a deep breath. "Lu Jinnian." 

He turned his head instantly, his face clear off any anxiety, as though nothing had happened. There was a glimmer of joy in his eyes while his temples remained soft. Gently, he asked, "What took you so long?" 

He was a man that was caught in a woman's room, how could he act so nonchalantly? Or was it that he didn't mind being caught? 

Lu Jinnian's bright spirits seemed to increase her uneasiness. 

Only when he held her hand did she finally snap out of her thoughts. She turned to gaze at him, at his usual impa.s.sive face that seemed to have a hint of joy. 

Qiao Anhao couldn't figure out what he was thinking, and her heart grew increasingly more uneasy. 

The entire journey back to Mian Xiu Garden, they didn't talk much. Qiao Anhao sneaked several peeks at Lu Jinnian, trying to study his expression.

Even though he could sense her gaze, he remained oblivious, staring straight ahead, thinking about the scene in Four Seasons Hotel. His lips couldn't help curling into a smile when he glanced at her through the rear mirror.

The moment Qiao Anhao saw his smile, her face darkened visibly, and she hugged her bag, looking uneasy and upset. The sight further brightened Lu Jinnian's spirits. 

It wasn't that he didn't want to explain himself, it's just that he wanted to see her uneasiness first. 

How should he put it... Her uneasiness warmed his heart, it made him feel loved. 

The car steadily steered into the yard of Mian Xiu Garden. After unbuckling his seat belt, Lu Jinnian alighted, preparing to open the door for Qiao Anhao, but before he could walk over, she had already pushed the door open and hurriedly entered the house. 

Lu Jinnian chuckled, following after her. Just when she was about to head upstairs, he called out her name as he removed his shoes, "Qiao Qiao." 

Qiao Anhao froze. 

Why was he calling her? Was it going to be a confrontation? He was caught having an affair… Did that mean he didn't care about their marriage? Was he going to tell her that he didn't love her anymore and was now in love with the women from Four Seasons Hotel?

The more her thoughts ran, the more worried she got, and without waiting for Lu Jinnian to continue, she suddenly turned to look at him. "Lu Jinnian, I want a cup of water." 

Lu Jinnian nodded, heading to pour her a gla.s.s. "Qiao Qiao." 

"Wait, let me finish this."

Tilting her head upwards, she downed the entire gla.s.s.