Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Text Messages on the Phone(22)

"Lu Jinnian, you thief!" Qiao Anhao jumped, her whole universe erupting. She glared at Lu Jinnian, interrupting his words. 

He was too much!

He actually stole her marriage certificate to divorce her!

Qiao Anhao's eyes rotated one round, then she s.n.a.t.c.hed the red booklet violently. 

Lu Jinnian had wanted to ask "You want it?" but froze, clearly startled by her accusation. When he finally got back his senses, the marriage certificate was already gone. She clenched onto it, looking around anxiously as though searching for a place to hide it. 

Lu Jinnian broke into laughter once more, amused by her actions. 

But before he could laugh out loud, he saw her blinking, as though finally settling on something before ripping the booklet into two. She didn't seem satisfied, ripping the book continuously into tiny pieces. When she finally stopped and was about to toss the pieces, she froze once more. She seemed to be worried that he would stick the pieces together, so she grabbed the whole bunch and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Qiao Qiao!" In an instant, Lu Jinnian, who had been watching her actions with merriment, seemed to have been left in shock. Without hesitation, he grabbed her elbow, pulling her towards him. "Spit them out!" 

Qiao Anhao started to stuff the pieces into her mouth more aggressively, her throat moving up and down as though she was about to swallow the pieces. In anxiety, Lu Jinnian didn't bother thinking. With one hand, he held onto her jaw to lift her face and with the other, he reached into her mouth to pull the pieces out. 

After removing a large bunch, he reached into her mouth once more to ensure that there wasn't anything left. At that moment, she bit onto his finger roughly. 

Qiao Anhao used all her strength, and a sharp stinging pain pulsed through Lu Jinnian's finger to the rest of his body. 

He frowned, and was just about to pull his finger out, when suddenly he felt a droplet smash onto the back of his hand. He relaxed his finger instantly, sitting there motionlessly, allowing her to bite for as long as she wanted. 

When the coppery taste entered Qiao Anhao's mouth, she finally let go. Exhausted, she knelt on the bed biting down on her lip in silence. After a moment, she raised her head,. Her tear stained face scrunched up when she asked softly, "Lu Jinnian, you said that you won't divorce me after we got married, and I already tore the marriage certificate, we can't divorce now, right?" 

Lu Jinnian was no longer amused by her anxiety, the happiness in his heart having thoroughly faded. An wave of heartache that he could not explain drowned his entire soul, and he stared at her tear stained face for a long while before reaching out to pull her into his embrace. "No divorce, we will never divorce."

"Really?" Qiao Anhao turned to ask with glistening eyes, desperately seeking the confirmation. 

"Really," Lu Jinnian said, hugging her tighter.