Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 672

Chapter 672: Text Messages on the Phone(23)

Lu Jinnian's hug and simple a.s.surance seemed to finally lift the shadow in Qiao Anhao's heart, she slouched onto his shoulder limply, finally breaking down. 

His throat tightened, and he didn't comfort her, allowing her to vent her frustration. After she was done, he carried her to the vanity table. There, he lifted her face, lightly, and used his fingers to wipe her tears. 

"Qiao Qiao, Lucy is a wife of an American director who's my friend, it's not what you think it is. Besides, her husband was in the hotel room as well, he just wet to sleep earlier today." 

Qiao Anhao blinked her soaked lashes. "Her husband was in the room?" 

Lu Jinnian nodded, reaching with a hand to caress her hair. "If you don't believe me, I can bring you over now."

Qiao Anhao thought of how she was upset over a misunderstanding... The woman was married and her husband was in the room... And she had ran over to say such hurtful things… Embarra.s.sment engulfed her, she was not going to go back!

Hurriedly, Qiao Anhao shook her head. "Why didn't you tell me?" 

"It was for a private matter that has pa.s.sed." Lu Jinnian closed the topic easily, as though not willing to share, before asking, "Qiao Qiao, is the marriage certificate tasty?" 

When the images of her before started to resurface, she puffed up her cheeks, and just then, she realized that there were still remnants of the pieces in her mouth. She blinked several times before gesturing towards him. "I'll tell you if you come over."

Lu Jinnian reached his head over. 

Qiao Anhao lifted her head and covered his lips. 

Lu Jinnian froze, then the next second, Qiao Anhao's lips left. There seemed to be something new in his mouth.. 

Just when he stuck his tongue out to see, he saw her smiling face. In the same tone he had used, she asked, "Mr. Lu, is the marriage certificate tasty?" 

There were still stains from the tears before, but now, she had on a sly and charming smile. 

She was right in front of him. He just needed to reach out. 

Lu Jinnian went into a daze. His throat moved, and without realizing it, he swallowed the piece of paper that Qiao Anhao had left in his mouth. 

He didn't react, staring straight at her. Qiao Anhao jumped down from the vanity table in shock, patting his back anxiously. " Lu Jinnian, spit it out..." 

Before she could finish her sentence, he picked her up once more, setting her back up on the same spot. The next second, she felt a tenderness on her lips... 

The kiss sent her trembling, and the next moment, she felt his hands venturing into her pajamas. Her breathing hastened as their kiss deepened with a fiery pa.s.sion. 

When he entered her, she grabbed onto his shoulder, gripping hard. Her short nails jabbed into his muscles, exciting him further... 

After the vanity table, Qiao Anhao was dragged onto the bed.... 

The next day, Lu Jinnian woke up to a phone call. When he opened his eyes, the skies were already bright.