Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 674

Chapter 674: Text Messages on the Phone(25)

Qiao Anhao woke up at 12 pm. When she entered the bathroom, she saw the note that Lu Jinnian had left. 

He had actually gone on a business trip...

After brus.h.i.+ng her teeth, she walked out to grab her phone to give him a call. 

Lu Jinnian picked up instantly. Through the phone, she could hear the airplane boarding announcement.

"You're awake?" 

"Yea," Qiao Anhao replied softly. "How many days will you be gone?" 

"I'll probably be back on Friday after I finish the work here."

"Oh." Qiao Anhao looked at the calender on her phone, it was only Monday. 

Lu Jinnian heard her disappointment. He chuckled lightly before reminding her to have her meals on time and to tuck herself in at night... 

Although he had already written the reminders on a post-it he had stuck on the bathroom door. 

Only when the air stewardess came over to rush him to switch off his phone did he finally hang up. 

Qiao Anhao saw that her battery was low, so she charged her phone before heading to the kitchen. After opening the fridge, she was about to prepare some food when the doorbell suddenly rang. 

She switched off the stove, and turning to the door, she saw through the CCTV outside that it was a woman. She knew her as well, it was Lucy, and beside her stood a blond-haired man that she had never seen before. 

Qiao Anhao frowned, and opened the door with confusion. She greeted the both of them before using simple English to ask, "Are you looking for Lu Jinnian? He's out on a business trip."

"Really? That's a pity," Lucy replied, smiling brightly at Qiao Anhao before pointing into the house. "Can we go in for a seat?" 

"Of course." Qiao Anhao hurriedly stepped aside, grabbing two pairs of slippers. 

After bringing them to the sofa, she ran to the kitchen to bring a hot pot of coffee. 

"Thank you." Lucy seemed to love to smile, every sentence of hers was followed by a bright smile. "Are you Nian's wife?" 

Qiao Anhao nodded. 

Lucy pointed to the man sitting beside her, introducing him, "He's my husband, he was also in the hotel yesterday."

Qiao Anhao was suddenly reminded of the night before, when she had accused Lucy. Her face blushed a deep shade of red. She lowered her head to apologize. "I'm really sorry for yesterday night." 

"It's fine." Lucy smiled brightly once more, praising the coffee as she sipped on it slowly. "Is this your and Nian's house?"

"Yea," Qiao Anhao pointed upstairs, "Care for a tour?"

Lucy's face brightened from surprise. "Can I?" 

Qiao Anhao nodded her head. She stood up and gestured for the couple to go ahead.

Mian Xiu Garden was a European style building. A famous designer from Europe had been hired to design it so it suited the tastes of the couple.

They toured the house, the guests constantly praising the furnis.h.i.+ngs as they pa.s.sed. When they came back down, Lucy smiled to her husband. "I have something to tell Mrs. Lu. Dearest, do you want to go back to the hotel first?" 

Lucy's husband agreed readily, giving her a quick kiss and an enthusiastic wave to Qiao Anhao before leaving.