Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 679

Chapter 679: Text Messages on the Phone (30)

"Why did you do it? You..."

After about ten seconds, Qiao Anhao recognized that the female voice belonged to Han Ruchu, but before she could finish, Lu Jinnian interrupted her. "'Will you even be able to look at Jiamu, who once saved your life? In all these years, he has treated you so well, have you forgotten? Do you even have a heart!' Mrs. Han, was this all you wanted to say?"

There was a pause in the conversation, then Lu Jinnian's voice was heard again. "I can tell Xu Jiamu everything I did with a clear conscience! What about you? Mrs. Han, could you do the same? As a mother, could you honestly say that you've done things with a clear conscience?"

"What a joke! You stole what belongs to Jiamu. You're here talking to me about having a clear conscience, but don't you forget you're an illegitimate child that should have never been born onto this earth! You mother was a shameful mistress. As Jiamu's birth mother, how could I have a guilty conscience? Let me tell you, even if Xu Enterprise becomes yours, you still won't be able to change the fact that you're an illegitimate child. Nor can you change the fact that your mother was a prost.i.tute!"

"Yes. That's right. My mother was a prost.i.tute. My mother was a mistress who gave birth to me, but she received her just rewards. I've also received mine, but even if my mother was lackl.u.s.ter, in my eyes, as her son, she was still a good mother, a great mother. Better than a murderer like yourself!"

"What do you mean by that?" There were hints of astonishment in Han Ruchu's voice.

"I wonder, if Jiamu knew that his own mother's hands were so stained with blood they didn't even show mercy to a two month old baby... Just with what kind of eyes do you think he would look at this kind of mother?"

"So you knew."

"Yes, of course I knew. Qiao Anhao's miscarriage was all thanks to your sleeping pills in her swallow's nest. Mrs. Han, you made such careful preparations, but what a shame, you slipped up and revealed a flaw in your plan."

""When did you find out?

"So, the only reason why my several dozen billion investment got sc.r.a.pped was because you were scheming behind it all? Was it also you who added fuel to the fire when Xu Enterprise stocks fell? Your purpose for all this was to devour the Xu Enterprise and leave Wanli and me with nothing! Am I right?"

At that moment, Han Ruchu's voice had already clearly lost its imposing demeanor. Even though the speed of her speech was quite steady, she had obviously lost her confidence.

"That's right."

"Just what will make you stop? I did this single-handedly. You can come at me..."

"Mrs. Han, if you called hoping that I'll let you off, let me tell you this... don't even think about it!"

When Lu Jinnian's enigmatic final words fell, the rustling sound from the recording pen also disappeared.

Qiao Anhao pinched the recording pen with tightly pursed lips. She then stuffed the recording pen into her pocket and lowered her eyes. She paused there in front of the drawer for a while, before raising her head. Her eyes fell on the phone inside it.

It was the phone Lu Jinnian had previously used... It was the one he'd gotten when she first got into that accident during the shoot of "Heavenly Sword". Having been used for such a little time, it was no different from a new phone. Why didn't he use it?