Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Text Messages on the Phone (31)

What's more, even if he didn't use it, he could casually put it somewhere. Why did he hide it here?

Even though Qiao Anhao knew it was wrong to touch Lu Jinnian's things without getting his permission, but she had already stolen his recording pen. It wouldn't make it any worse if she sneaked a look into his phone then, right?

She bit the corner of her lips as she stared at the phone, observing it for a while. In the end, she stretched her arm out and grabbed it.

After she switched on the phone and unlocked it, the start up screen appeared. Half a minute went by, and she was taken to the home screen. There was about thirty percent of the battery left and a reminder to insert the SIM card.

Lu Jinnian's phone barely had any applications, those few present were basically apps about financing. Qiao Anhao swiped over them in disinterest, before eventually opening WeChat. Perhaps it was because it had been a long time since he had last logged in, she had to enter the pa.s.sword.

Qiao Anhao's lips twitched with a little regret. She then exited WeChat and tapped onto other apps. She first clicked onto the call logs and realized that the dates stopped at October of last year. Among the series of numbers, there was a call to his a.s.sistant. Besides this, there were two other numbers, and the rest of the calls were all to her.

After Qiao Anhao had parted ways with the a.s.sistant, she had fainted on the street and was taken to the hospital. When she woke up, she saw that Xu Jiamu had watched over by her bedside, and had even brought her her phone.

After the phone was switched on, it wasn't like she hadn't seen Lu Jinnian's missed calls, but they never amounted to the many calls he'd dialed to her.

Back then, when she fell unconscious from the fall, Xu Jiamu had returned the phone to her, which meant that her phone was at the Xu family estate for several days.

Now that she saw the call log on her phone, and the numerous calls in it, the numbers obviously didn't match, which went to say... Someone had messed with her phone, or someone had taken out her SIM card and put it into another phone, erasing the messages from her own phone.

Just then, she thought about when exactly she had rejected Lu Jinnian's confession. In her heart, she kind of understood it now.

Her reaction was incredibly fast. She returned to the home page and clicked open the text messages.

In comparison to the series of numbers in the chat logs, the text messages appeared a lot cleaner and concise. Only her name appeared on the page.

She didn't even need to click on her own name before she saw the standalone phrase on the page: [I will never accept you for hurting Brother Jiamu.]

Qiao Anhao couldn't quite explain why she was so nervous, but her heart started to race with disappointment, making her chest heave. Her fingers trembled when she hovered over her name a few times, but she never tapped it. In the end, she shut her eyes, and took a deep breath, as though she was summoning her courage, then finally gritted her teeth and tapped it.

She saw a number of simple sentences.

The first message was sent by her. 

[Don't wait for me. I won't come to see you.]

He quickly had replied to her with two consecutive ones. 

[Qiao Qiao, I love you.] [I've loved you for thirteen years.]

After about two hours, she had responded with two messages. 

[Are you worthy enough?] [I will never accept you for hurting Brother Jiamu.]

Qiao Anhao stared at the five sentences, under a hundred characters, like she was. .h.i.t by thunder.