Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Text Messages on the Phone (32)

Those words were never sent by her, yet Qiao Anhao felt her heart stop in panic.

She s.p.a.ced out for about ten whole minutes, before she snapped back to her senses and the emotions inside her instantly grew violent.

There was a gentle warm breeze in the room, yet she felt a cold run through her body. She s.h.i.+fted for a moment to shake off the stiff posture that she'd held for so long, and felt the pain in a certain part of her heart. The pain felt as uncontrollable as the rolling waves of a river.

No wonder he treated her like that when they met again after four months apart.

No wonder he acted as though it had nothing to do with him when she told him that she was in the hospital, rather than ignoring him.

No wonder he sent her on her way when she thought they had reconciled after drugging him and crawling into his bed.

No wonder he was so distant at the airport when she hugged him and confessed her love.

No wonder she felt like there was an invisible divide between the two of them even after they got married.

No wonder... No wonder there are so many 'no wonder's...

There was always a little doubt hidden in her heart. At this very moment, she completely understood. She completely understood it all.

If he hadn't loved her... If she hadn't accidentally broken the porcelain doll... If the a.s.sistant hadn't told her so much... If it weren't for his deep, thirteen-year-long love, which gave her infinite courage and perseverance, she imagined that he and her would have probably miss their chance to reunite again.

Only people who are deeply in love understand just how hurtful the three words "Are you worthy?" are.

Lu Jinnian, when the razor cut your wrist, did you feel hopeless in your heart?

It was hopelessness, right?

The woman you loved so much was so cruel to you.

But... how could you have known it was a missed opportunity schemed by someone.

A missed opportunity, a missed opportunity... They say that missed opportunities are the saddest form of lovers destined to meet but not fated to be together.

In actual fact, when has someone ever known the story behind missed opportunities. However, they are opportunities missed one after the other!

Han Ruchu, you're really something!

Han Ruchu knew that she was Lu Jinnian's weakness long before she did, so that woman had used the one thing he adored most to take down his whole world!

So as it turned out, the man she loved didn't leave in regret, but left with a heart reduced to ashes.

So as it turned out, whilst she was searching for him for four months, his heart was actually torn and death looked better to him than life.

Han Ruchu, I definitely won't let you off!

Heartache, rage, hatred...

Complicated emotions interwove in Qiao Anhao's chest, and she felt as though her slim body had just received a blow.

She started to s.h.i.+ver. At that moment, she didn't hold the phone steadily enough, and so it fell to the floorboards.

Her fingertips started to tremble, and then she saw a draft message in a dialogue box - another message he wrote but didn't send. 

[Qiao Qiao, I'm giving Xu Enterprise back to Xu Jiamu. Let's go back to how we were before. Please?]

Suddenly, Qiao Anhao's tears fell like rain.

He had received those messages of hers, and yet he still wrote this...

Lu Jinnian, do you even know, how you can so easily make me feel ashamed.

Her fingers hovered across the phone screen, and slowly swiped up. Each and every one of the messages he'd sent, whilst she was unconscious for four days, took form beneath her eyes.

There were hundreds of text messages in total... When she woke up and grabbed her phone, she had only seen a tenth of this amount.

Han Ruchu had taken her sim card, and when she saw Lu Jinnian in pain and brought low after sending him those text messages, just how proud did she feel?