Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 682

Chapter 682: Text Messages on the Phone (33)

In this world, there wasn't anything that could hurt Lu Jinnian.

She had never intended to hurt him.

However, in the end, she had hurt him the most.

Qiao Anhao felt like she was stabbed in the chest by a knife. The twinge of pain swept in wave by wave, forcing her to finally not be able to hold it any longer. She pinched Lu Jinnian's phone whilst crouched on the ground, and started to sob.

After a moment pa.s.sed, she stopped crying and climbed up from the floor in a panic. She ran back to the bedroom, and found her phone among the mess. She called and waited, but no one picked up. Then, the memory of going through Lu Jinnian's calls subconsciously reminded her that the phone she was calling could be switched off. She then suddenly remembered that, at that moment, Lu Jinnian was on a plane.

Qiao Anhao dropped her arm, disheartened, standing in the bedroom for a while with the phone in her hand. She then went to the study room and crouched again in front of the drawers. Seeing that there was only a marriage certificate and a folder, she hesitated for a moment, then picked up the folder.

She opened it to find an inheritance allocation doc.u.ment. Huan Ying Entertainment and shares of other companies would go to her, and the beneficiary to the Xu Enterprise was to go to Xu Jiamu.

This inheritance allocation doc.u.ment was signed before New Year's eve, and the lawyer used was Lu Jinnian's usual lawyer.

Which went to say that he had returned to the country before New Year's eve... Qiao Anhao counted the days in her mind, and realized that he had signed the doc.u.ment around the time she was shooting the final scenes for "Heavenly Sword".

In that case, when she was in trouble on the set of "Heavenly Sword", that was really him!

Xu Jiamu fell out with him over his acquisition of Xu Enterprise... She and him had parted ways because of Han Ruchu's meddling, yet he saw it as her abandoning him.

He clearly knew that she and Xu Jiamu had given up on him, but he still left them with something beautiful.

The rims of Qiao Anhao's eyes reddened again as she placed down the inheritance allocation doc.u.ment.

Lu Jinnian... in your heart, besides me, you actually really care about your little brother, Xu Jiamu, don't you?

Even though you never said it, you really want that 'blood is thicker than water' kind of family-love, don't you?

Since you want it, then we want it.

You've done so much for me, now it's time for me to do something for you.

Because of you, I was able to feel the warmth and happiness of someone silently taking care of me. I want you to feel that for once as well.

At that thought, Qiao Anhao stared at the inheritance allocation doc.u.ment, and a pang of determination suddenly flashed across her eyes.

Xu Jiamu had called to invite Qiao Anhao to the gala. He said it was a charity gala, but it was actually a pleasant sounding excuse to hold a party for the rich and n.o.ble families.

Since the age of sixteen, Qiao Anhao had attended these types of parties with Qiao Anxia, uncle Qiao, and aunt Qiao.

This party looked like a charity event to gain donations, but in actual fact, it was an event to show off - for men to show off their wealth while women their looks.

Back then, Qiao Anhao only attended these type of parties a few times. She had stopped going after being tortured by young wealthy women comparing their looks.

On the contrary, Qiao Anxia's personality was naturally cheerful and belligerent. She would dress up gorgeously every time to attend these events, and every time, she would be the belle of the ball. So much so, in earlier years, Qiao Anxia was rated the most exceptional lady for several years.

The gala was called "The Beijing Gala" and was organized by a club. When Qiao Anhao arrived, the entrance was filled with various types of luxury cars.