Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Text Messages on the Phone (36)

Qiao Anhao had only casually asked to disturb Han Ruchu for no reason, never imagining that the wily, old woman in love with scheming that she was, she would actually slip up!

From her words, she had really been deliberately set up to fall down the stairs... On Han Ruchu's birthday, Qiao Anhao hadn't planed on Xu Jiamu overhearing this... Which went to say, Xu Jiamu knew his mother had tried to harm her...

"Madam Xu, Miss Qiao, what are you both talking about?" Since the middle-aged woman saw Han Ruchu's expression become full of obvious agitation, she couldn't help but ask in curiosity.

Han Ruchu quickly calmed down, suddenly remembering that she was at a gala. Just as she was going to find an excuse to mask how she forgot her manners, Qiao Anhao deliberately spoke first, suppressing her.

"Why would Brother Jiamu tell me these things? I was just casually trying my luck. I never imagined that you'd actually let slip the truth. Aunt Xu, you have to be careful now... Don't go accidentally shooting your mouth off about killing other people's children like that too..."

When Qiao Anhao said those words, the sweet smile on her face never wavered. To people around them, she looked like a girl whispering secrets to her mother.

When Han Ruchu heard those words, "killing other people's child", she tried her hardest to stay calm. Yet Qiao Anhao could clearly feel her pulling her arm away in reflex.

In truth, Han Ruchu's swing back wasn't wide at all. It wasn't something people could detect, but Qiao Anhao deliberately slid along with her movement Then she ripped her arm away from hers, silently gritted her teeth, and fell to the ground with a scream.

The series of events that just unfolded looked as though Han Ruchu had pushed Qiao Anhao to the ground.

It instantly drew the attention of quite a few people around them.

"What's going on?"

"Yeah, why did you all of a sudden push someone over?"


The kindhearted people nearby stepped forward to help Qiao Anhao up, and thoughtfully asked, "Are you all right?"

Xu Jiamu, who wasn't too far away, noticed that something was strange, and looked over at his mother in confusion as to what was happening. He turned to the people he was having casual conversations with and said "Apologies", then quickly sped over there. He furrowed his brow when he saw someone supporting Qiao Anhao up, then pa.s.sed through the crowd to reach her.

Qiao Anhao shook her head at the people who helped her up and said "Thank you". She then saw Xu Jiamu thread through the crowd of spectating people. She lowered her eyelids and pretended to be totally oblivious. Turning her head, she looked over at Han Ruchu with an innocent expression on her face. "Aunt Xu, did I say something wrong? Why did you suddenly push me?"

In her entire life, Han Ruchu had never suffered such anger, for Qiao Anhao had turned her usual elegant and generous self into a joke.

Just then, the aggrieved look on Qiao Anhao's face undoubtedly made Han Ruchu so incredibly agitated that her face turned red, and the words ruthlessly jumped out from her mouth. "You're talking nonsense! When did I push you..."

It's a shame that before Han Ruchu could finish las.h.i.+ng out, Xu Jiamu abruptly grabbed her wrist.

She was stunned for a moment, then subconsciously looked over at her own son. Her mouth gaped in panic, as though she had to explain something to him.