Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Text Messages on the Phone (37)

Before Han Ruchu could even make a sound, she was dragged out of the gala under everyone's eyes.

When she and Xu Jiamu returned, the charity auction was just about to start.

The host stood on the stage, holding the mic, and gave an official introduction.

Qiao Anhao took her seat beside mother Qiao Anhao, while she saw Xu Jiamu and Han Ruchu sit down together. The mother and son duo looked like they had been in an argument, as the expressions on their faces looked awful.

Since the people were partic.i.p.ating in this charity auction, they naturally looked like they were going to bid for a good cause.

In truth, it wasn't that there were no good items in these charity galas, but people would go for the final item. Of course, only the n.o.blest of families would bid for it.

The earlier items up for bid weren't considered particularly expensive. They were mostly jewelry, gems, and decorative items.

The process of an auction was always the same. Qiao Anhao didn't know just how many times she'd seen it. With her eyes shut, she knew what would happen next.

About over an hour later, it was time for the most important event of the charity gala. The audience, who was half asleep, finally livened up. Even the host went wild, raising his microphone and introducing he next item for bid with witty and charming words.

"Up next, we have a wardrobe named Miracle. Thirty carpenters spent six years to make this rare and valuable product. The starting bid is one billion, two thousand million RMB. Now, let us take a look at the wardrobe, Miracle..."

After the host's words, the black curtains were unveiled to reveal a dark green wardrobe filled with embedded multicolored gems. Under the lights, the wardrobe was dazzling to the eye.

"It's really miraculous, right? Now, let's proceed with the item up for auction. Let's start the bidding—"

Thirty seconds after the host said his final word someone made the first bid. "One billion, two thousand, three hundred million RMB."

"One billion, two thousand eight hundred million RMB."

"One billion, three thousand million RMB.

In the span of twenty minutes, this Miracle wardrobe rose to two billion RMB. As the guests continuously made bids, it didn't look like they were planning on stopping any time soon. It was not until after the price shot up to three billion RMB that there were only two or three families left. The price then rose to two thousand million and there was only the Qiao family at the top.

"Three billion two thousand million, going once."

"Three billion two thousand million, going twice."

Just as the host was ready to cry 'sold!', Han Ruchu, who had remained silent, suddenly cried, "Three billion four thousand million."

The entire audience roared.

Who present didn't know that the Xu family was far from what it once was after the acquisition of the Xu Enterprise.

Han Ruchu calling out 'Three billion four thousand million', it suddenly attracted everyone's attention.

Qiao Anhao had been waiting all night for this very moment.

This bid was actually something that had inadvertently come up in conversation with Qiao Anxia.

She told Qiao Anhao that since the Xu family was far from what it once was, the Qiao family had to help them this year to get the final part of the auction. It was all to tell everyone that though the biggest shareholder of Xu Enterprise was replaced, the Xu family still had money. They could still invest, and although it looked like a large sum of money was spent, the Xu family would still have gained a lot of benefits.