Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 687

Chapter 687: Text Messages on the Phone (38)

The reason why it was the Qiao family and not the Xu family who made bids at first was because the Qiao family were flouris.h.i.+ng for the past two years.

If the Qiao family appeared as though they were determined to win, then many people would give up their fight. On the other hand, since the Xu family asked for such a favor, they would save a large sum of money.

If Han Ruchu wanted Qiao family's help even after the way she treated Qiao Anhao... Don't count on it!

To make the Qiao family's aid seem less conspicuous, Father Qiao deliberately made two counter bids after Han Ruchu's bids.

"Three billion, six thousand million going once!" big numbers in Chinese aren't the same as English. For example, 10,000 = 1 million (Written in Chinese characters but actually 10 thousand in English) and 1,000,000,000 = 10 billion (Written in Chinese characters but actually 1 billion in English). I didn't convert the Chinese numeral system into English, considering it's in Renminbi. I figured ah... foreign currency = foreign concept of numbers, so perhaps I should keep it's cultural significance there. To my knowledge, no other culture counts numbers the way Chinese people do, so I thought that I should keep it true to the culture...

"Three billion, six thousand million going twice!"

"... and sold!! At three billion, six thousand million RMB!"

With a slam of his hammer, the host said, "Congratulations Mrs. Han Ruchu of Xu Enterprise for winning the final item up for bid this year."

The audience erupted in applause when Han Ruchu stood up with a smile on her face and walked over to the stage.

Qiao Anhao pulled her phone out, wrote a simple text with the two English letters 'ok', and sent it to Zhao Meng.

The host first shook Han Ruchu's hand, then handed her the microphone with which she calmly and generously gave a few simple words to the crowd. The presenter smiled, retrieved his microphone, and said, "Now let's welcome our master of ceremonies with the contract up on stage for Mrs. Han Ruchu to sign in front of everyone. Then Miracle wardrobe will officially belong to her."

After the presenter's speech, music broke out.

The master of ceremonies, who was dressed in a pink qipao, carried a tray to the stage, where the presenter personally handed Han Ruchu the pen. As she was just about ready to sign, the music in the background suddenly stopped playing.

The host looked down backstage in confusion and held the microphone up. It looked as though he was asking "Why", but since the microphone wires were cut off, the audience below couldn't hear a word she said.

The entire hall erupted in whispers.

The host said something to the people backstage, then turned around to the audience and gave an apologetic bow. Han Ruchu stood with a straight posture when, suddenly, the words "Why did you do it? You..." filled the auction hall.

"Will you even be able to look at Jiamu, who once saved your life? In all these years, he has treated you so well, have you forgotten? Do you even have a heart!"

The first sentence was from a woman, and the second was a man's.

Everyone thought that the voice sounded quite familiar, but they couldn't quite make out who it was. With stunned expressions overtaking the people's faces, the whispers eventually died down.

Even the host up on stage was a little astonished.

But because the voices mentioned the name "Jiamu", one-by-one, everyone turned their heads towards Xu Jiamu.

He furrowed his brows in bewilderment, without a clue of what was going on.

But before everybody could snap back to their senses, the sound of the same man's voice from earlier, drifted in. "Mrs. Han, was this all you wanted to say?"

Mrs. Han... Jiamu... At that instant, everyone's gazes moved from Xu Jiamu to Han Ruchu.

So the woman's voice belonged to her.

"I can tell Xu Jiamu everything I did with a clear conscience! What about you? Mrs. Han, could you do the same? As a mother, could you honestly say that you've done things with a clear conscience?" said the male voice. Although you could only hear the voice, the man sounded elegant, yet with a hidden forcefulness present as well.