Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 688

Chapter 688: Text Messages on the Phone (39)

Though everyone watched TV, most of the time, Lu Jinnian's voice was dubbed, so very few people recognized that it was his voice.

Yet Xu Jiamu could still make out that it was him. The stunned expression on his face turned intense.

The recording being broadcasted seemed to have been meddled with for there was a long moment of rustling noises, followed by the clear words from the man's voice, "You murderer!"

When Han Ruchu heard those words on stage, she finally remembered when the audio was recorded. Her complexion instantly turned paper-white, and her usually calm and graceful self, who was rather good at containing anger, came to reveal a look of shock and panic.

Qiao Anhao sat calm and composed in her seat with her lips curled into a neutral smirk. She was admiring Han Ruchu's expression at that very moment.

The people below the stage had already lost the mood to pay attention to the auction long ago. Everything stopped there for a long while, before the sudden uproar of conversations born from those few words.

"Murderer? What is the meaning of this?"

"Who is a murderer? Did he mean Madam Xu?"

"Oh my G.o.d... what on earth happened?"

Soon after that though, the sound of Han Ruchu's quiet, evidently lacking confidence voice rang through the hall. "What do you mean by that?"

The sound of the man's voice followed closely behind her's. "I wonder, if Jiamu knew that his own mother's hands were so stained with blood they didn't even show mercy to a two month old baby... Just with what kind of eyes do you think he would look at this kind of mother?"

"Ah..." The entire audience repeatedly cried in shock for as long as half a minute.

Even Qiao Anhao, who sat beside mother Qiao, let out a low gasp.

Then Han Ruchu's voice was heard again. "So you knew."

"What happened?"

"Those words are clear proof that Madam Xu admit to it."

"She actually killed an unborn child?"

The sounds of astonished gasps turned to increasingly louder discussions.

Han Ruchu stood on stage with a face turned white from distress.

The host who stood next to her glared at Han Ruchu with a look filled with uncomprehending disbelief.

Xu Jiamu's face looked calm, but his hands had already quietly balled into fists. Because of sheer force, the knuckles were protruding.

Everyone heard the sound of the man's voice again. "Yes, of course I knew. Qiao Anhao's miscarriage was all thanks to your sleeping pills in her swallow's nest. Mrs. Han, you made such careful preparations, but what a shame, you slipped up and revealed a flaw in your plan."

This time the entire hall was dead silent.

And it was a type of silence that lasted for a good long minute and caused the atmosphere to get out of control.

"Qiao Anhao? Isn't that the Qiao family's daughter?"

"Yeah... She was married to Xu Jiamu, then later got divorced. It seemed like it was an amicable divorce, which didn't affect their two family's relations.h.i.+p."

"Isn't this far too shocking? Qiao Anhao married Xu Jiamu, was pregnant with his child, and then Han Ruchu aborted the baby?"

"What the h.e.l.l? That is one heartless b.i.t.c.h. She even laid hands on her own flesh and blood?"

Mother Qiao, who sat by Qiao Anhao's side, was speechless when she heard the news. After a while, she turned her head in shock.