Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Explanation (2)

Having said that, Xu Jiamu suddenly turned his head with a calm expression on his face and stared at Han Ruchu, who had no idea when she had started crying. "I've given you opportunities. And not once. Just now, when I asked you what else have you done, you spoke so candidly to me... All the wrongs you've committed, I could've redeem them for you, but you didn't tell me. You still tried to treat me like an idiot and lie to me again.

"Look after yourself. I will never go back to the Xu family estate."

"Jiamu, don't! Mama was really wrong... Mama can't do this, Jiamu..." When Han Ruchu said the last word, she finally broke into a pained cry.

Xu Jiamu lowered his eyes. She was his real mother after all. Seeing her cry like this, his heart still hurt. "I really want to believe you, but I'm sorry, I can't."

When Xu Jiamu finished speaking, he took two steps back.

Han Ruchu cried even more erratically, like her heart was torn. "Jiamu, mama has nothing left. Tonight, mama's reputation has been ruined, everyone will say that mama is a horrible person and your papa will definitely blame me for this mess. If mama was to lose you, mama really would be left with nothing... Jiamu... Mama begs you not to leave..."

In the end, Xu Jiamu turned around.

The housekeeper also started to plead. "Young master, don't leave."


Xu Jiamu pulled his own car's door open and sat inside.

"Jiamu, mama was really wrong, Jiamu..."

Xu Jiamu shut his eyes and closed the door, isolating himself from the cries outside.

He sat in the driver's seat in a daze for a while, without even looking at Han Ruchu on the side. Then, he started up the car and drove off.

As he drove, Xu Jiamu finally stopped holding back, and a single tear rolled out.

He was really heartbroken.

He couldn't say what he was so heartbroken about.

He felt like in a single night, everything he knew was overthrown.

His mother, who always loved him, did such a cruel thing to his brother and his friend.

That brother of his, who he had hated and blamed, clearly acquired Xu Enterprise but also secretly left it to him. Even in his will, Lu Jinnian wrote his name as that of a beneficiary. Uncaring that his mother treated him like that.

The tears flowed endlessly from Xu Jiamu's eyes. Every now and then, he would raise his hand and wipe them away. He then pulled out a print out of a doc.u.ment. It was a copy of Lu Jinnian's personally signed will.

So his brother, who never liked to respond to anyone since he was young and always worked hard to adapt, actually... from his very bones, really cared about his little brother.

Xu Jiamu's fingers, which were tightly clutching onto the photocopy, started to tremble. In the end, he couldn't hold his emotions down anymore. He stopped the car by the side of the road and laid down on the steering wheel, his shoulders starting to tremble.

Because Han Ruchu was dragged away by Xu Jiamu, the auction was forced to stop. Without the main lead, naturally the explosive news suddenly died down and everyone left one after the other.

Father and Mother Qiao were really angry, but also really worried, as they endlessly tried to comfort Qiao Anhao. So much so, they insisted to take her back to the Qiao family estate with them.

Only when Qiao Anhao told them three times over that she was fine, and that she just wanted to be alone for a while, did they reluctantly let her be.