Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Explanation(5)

Qiao Anhao shook her head, getting back to her senses. Staring into the camera, she smiled tenderly before replying with a soft voice, "Nope."

She then changed the topic swiftly. "You're done with work?"

"Err... After about twelve hours of meeting, I just reached the hotel. I have another meeting at 3 pm this afternoon." Lu Jinnian gave a detailed report of his schedule after her single question.

Lu Jinnian had been working for such a long time and hadn't even had time to rest... He was even due for a meeting at 3 pm... "Oh..." Qiao Anhao started to worry. "Why aren't you resting?"

"In a while," Lu Jinnian replied warmly. He looked at the empty streets behind her before and asked, "Are you upset? Why are you alone out on the streets?"

"No." Qiao Anhao shook her head, she tilted her phone downwards to show her evening gown. "I just attended a ball." 

Qiao Anhao wore an evening gown with a low neckline and had a coat over her shoulders. When she tilted the phone down, a large portion of her flawless white skin came into sight. Half of her chest was now visible.

Lu Jinnian turned his head away, but his voice was still laced with a faint hoa.r.s.eness when he spoke. "It's cold outside, hurry into the car, you're going to get a cold."

"A while more..."

Lu Jinnian turned back to the screen and saw the phone still directed at her chest. His throat tightened, taking a difficult gulp, he struggled to force out his word. "Be good."

Why did he seem like he was coaxing a child... She wasn't a child... 

Qiao Anhao pouted, but deep inside, her heart melted. Even though she had wanted to stay a little longer, her body stood up instinctively and headed for the car obediently. 

While she drove, Lu Jinnian changed the call into a voice call. Even though the safety in Beijing was good, he was still afraid that a video call might get her into an accident. 

He didn't want to cause a distraction so he remained silent for the entire journey back. 

Through the phone, he could hear her car moving, and she had stuffed a wireless ear piece into her ear and could pick up on the sound of television from his room. Even though no one spoke, Qiao Anhao felt safe and at ease on her way back home. 

After entering Mian Xiu Garden, she pulled out the ear piece and hung up on the call before sending him a video call. When the call went through, she said, "I'm back home."

"Yea," Lu Jinnian replied. She could hear a buzzing on the other side, but just then, Lu Jinnian muted the sound. "There's milk in the fridge, remember to heat it up, it'll help you sleep."

When he was home, it was always done by him. Now that he was overseas for work, he would still remember his duties. 

"Hmm…" Qiao Anhao changed her shoes before entering the kitchen. As she waited for the milk to heat up, she glanced at the screen. Lu Jinnian was staring at the muted television as it showed the latest financial news. "Aren't you tired?"

Lu Jinnian turned to look at her. "A little more, I'm not sleepy yet."