Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 697

Chapter 697: Explanation(6)

Qiao Anhao removed the heated milk and placed a straw into the cup. After taking a sip, she blurted, "Are you getting insomnia from missing me too much?"

The moment the question left her mouth, she realized how shameless she was... 

Qiao Anhao lowered her head, not able to face Lu Jinnian through the screen. Her eyes rotated nervously before finally lifting slowly to sneak a peek. Lu Jinnian's das.h.i.+ng face was staring at her through the screen. 

Qiao Anhao could feel her heart race and her face flush, and she couldn't help lowering her head once more to gulp down more milk. Before she could swallow the milk, she heard his reply. "Yea."

She couldn't understand his single word. "Uh?" 

Lu Jinnian glanced at her adorable and confused expression, his lips curling upwards slightly. He slouched back on his pillow lazily and added, "I said, yea, I miss you."

After being married for so many days, he hadn't said anything sweet to her.

This was the first time. 

Qiao Anhao's heart tightened, warmth engulfing her as she bit down the straw. After a while, she replied with a soft "Oh" to acknowledge his words. 

Lu Jinnian remained silent as he continued to stare at her, his long lashes seemingly motionless. 

Qiao Anhao lowered her lids, not looking at him. They were surrounded by silence. After taking a gulp, she released the straw she was chewing. "I miss you too."

After her confession, her heart raced instantly. 

After loving him for such a long time, even after causing a scene in America when she confessed, she had never said anything so seriously before. 

This was the first time. 

Time seemed to stop as the world froze around them. 

In the end, it was Lu Jinnian who changed the topic. He lifted his finger, waving it in front of the camera. "Look, it's bruised."

Qiao Anhao glanced up to look at the finger he was waving—there were several tooth imprints on it and it had turned a deep shade of purple. 

Yesterday at daybreak when she had dug for the marriage certificate, she had bit him... At that time, she was upset and afraid... and had bit down with all her strength, but she didn't know it was that bad... 

Qiao Anhao pouted in embarra.s.sment. 

Lu Jinnian s.h.i.+fted on the bed to find a more comfortable position before he continued warmly, "During the meeting, everyone saw it, they even asked how I got it."

"Ah?" Qiao Anhao's eyes went wide. "What did you say? Did you say it was me?"

"No," Lu Jinnian a.s.sured her, and Qiao Anhao heaved a sigh, but just then, he continued, "I told them the puppy at home had gone crazy yesterday and bit me. They even advised me to get a rabies vaccine." 

Qiao Anhao burst out laughing, but then her face darkened. "Lu Jinnian, did you just call me a puppy?"

Amus.e.m.e.nt tainted his face. "I guess you aren't that dumb." 

Qiao Anhao growled. "Lu Jinnian, are you calling me a dumb puppy?"