Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 698

Chapter 698: Explanation(7)

Lu Jinnian chuckled lightly as he gazed at the tiny woman across the screen. Leisurely, he added, "Mmh, a dumb puppy I love."

A dumb puppy I love... Qiao Anhao felt as though a feather had brushed across the most sensitive part of her heart, and she floated on a cloud. Her gaze flickered around continuously. 

Even though he had called her a puppy, oh wait, a dumb puppy... But deep inside, she still felt warm and cuddly... Is she becoming a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t? 

Qiao Anhao had wanted to keep a straight face and act mad, but she couldn't help her lips from tilting upwards. "Lu Jinnian, are you confessing to me right now?" 

Lu Jinnian chuckled once more, without answering her question, he asked, "What do you think?"

I think that you are. 

Qiao Anhao replied silently before placing the empty milk bottle on the table beside her. She glanced up at the time, it was already midnight. 

It should be 11 am where he was and he had a meeting at 3pm... Ever since he left yesterday, he had been working relentlessly...

Qiao Anhao lifted her lids, and through the screen, she glanced at Lu Jinnian. "Aren't you sleeping?" 

"Hmm… A while more…"

After a long flight and a meeting that lasted the whole night, he was worn out, but talking to her peacefully like that allowed him to unwind and relax, which was far more nouris.h.i.+ng than sleeping alone. 

"It's a long distance video call, it's going to be expensive. Besides, I was the one who called, the call might suddenly cut off due to insufficient funds," Qiao Anhao nagged. 

Lu Jinnian slouched against the pillow lazily, he held his phone and started to type away silently. 

Qiao Anhao could only hear the tapping sound made when as he tapped his phone. 

"What are you doing?" Qiao Anhao asked curiously. "Talking to someone?"

"Mmh." Lu Jinnian was clearly distracted.

Just then, Qiao Anhao's phone vibrated. Two messages popped up on her screen. 

It was from Telco company, stating that her account had been charged twice, each of the sums going up to five digits. The other message was the new balance in her account which was up to six digits. 

Qiao Anhao startled. 

"Has it reached?" 

That's when it dawned on her. "You were charging my account just now?" 

Lu Jinnian lifted a brow. He remained silent but his actions confirmed her guess. 

So this was what it meant when happiness and bliss came by. 

There were some things that she had wanted to tell him when he was back, but right now she could no longer keep it in. 

"Er... Lu Jinnian, if you really can't sleep, can I tell you a story?"

"Sure," Lu Jinnian replied without hesitation. "I'm all ears." 

Qiao Anhao smiled, then added, "Give me a moment, I'll tell you when I'm upstairs."


Qiao Anhao ran up the stairs into the bedroom. Mimicking Lu Jinnian, she propped up a pillow and slouched back, hugging onto the blanket. "I'm going to start now."