Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Scandal (1)

The important three o'clock meeting was no longer important. Nothing was important. He now only wanted to go back to his country... to go back to her, who took the opportunity to secretly do so much for him, to give him such a big surprise.

Qiao Anhao was hung up on twice by Lu Jinnian, so she was a little down, especially since it was the second time she felt so emotional, the atmosphere was so good, and she was softhearted, ready to confess her many years of love for him. In the end, Lu Jinnian didn't read the mood and spoiled everything with a "kacha" hang of the call.

So those words were left stuck in Qiao Anhao's throat, not moving up nor down. With that thought, she felt a little distressed.

Especially since she thought that Lu Jinnian would have realized his own mistake and called her back. Who knew that from twelve in the afternoon till three in the morning, she never got a text back, let alone a call.

Later, her brief sadness and distress really made her sulky.

The sulky Qiao Anhao eventually couldn't take it anymore and gave Lu Jinnian a call. His phone was off?

Was he in a meeting?

Qiao Anhao lay spread out on the bed, drained. She lay there waiting for Lu Jinnian to finish his meeting, but after waiting and waiting, she fell asleep.

Because she slept so late, she also woke up late the next day. The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was check her phone to see if Lu Jinnian had tried to contact her. She realized that besides receiving a message from 10086 and advertising notifications from a few apps, there was nothing!

She calculated the time difference for a moment. It was only ten at night where Lu Jinnian was, so she gave him another call. His phone was still turned off.

Qiao Anhao's heart felt even more crushed. So crushed in fact, she'd sigh even whilst brus.h.i.+ng her teeth and going to the toilet.

As she came out from the bathroom, her phone alert went off. Although she secretly swore that she'd ignore Lu Jinnian's messages, she still ran over to the bed and picked up her phone. It was Zhao Meng... She had sent her a message on Weibo.

It was a link. Qiao Anhao clicked on it to see that there were rumors going around about her. The topic even made it to the top searched: [Qiao Anhao, Man Chaser]

She clicked onto the topic to find two rumors on weibo about herself.

The first post read, "Qiao Anhao Mr. Lu. Unsuccessful in her attempts, she cries in the airport like a shrew. No care for her image in the slightest."

There was also a video attachment.

Qiao Anhao clicked play, and saw her crying whilst hugging Mr. Lu from behind.

From that video clip, Mr. Lu deliberately tried to hide her from the cameras, but they still caught her beautiful, tear-stained face. It looked like she was pitifully begging Lu Jinnian for something.

Qiao Anhao wasn't previously considered a popular newcomer, but currently, she had consecutively taken up roles on a few major dramas, which had already caught people's attention. On top of this, after "Alluring Times" released, she had used her outstanding acting skills and good storylines in her dramas to gain popularity. Then, late last year, she and Lu Jinnian were voted as the best screen couple online, so she was a hot topic by now.

This video was uploaded at five in the morning, which was just five short hours ago. The view count had already reached several thousand million views, and it had already exceeded six figures in shares and comments.

Another weibo post read, "Qiao Anhao claims Lu Jinnian is her husband, but she doesn't wear a wedding ring?"