Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Scandal (6)

Lu Jinnian raised a hand and pulled on his tie. He kicked the doc.u.ments to one side, then pulled his phone and called his a.s.sistant.

"Mr. Lu?" came the a.s.sistant's voice through the phone.

As if on a conditioned reflex, Lu Jinnian asked, "Do you know where Qiao Qiao is?"

After he asked that question, Lu Jinnian came to his senses and realized, why would his a.s.sistant know where Qiao Anhao was?

Just as Lu Jinnian was about to hang up and call Zhao Meng instead, his a.s.sistant said, "Miss Qiao? She's with Zhao Meng at ACR right now, eating j.a.panese food."

At that instant, Lu Jinnian felt like something wasn't quite right, since he thought that his a.s.sistant shouldn't be aware of Qiao Anhao's whereabouts. His face immediately dropped. "How do you know where Qiao Qiao is?"

The a.s.sistant who knew Lu Jinnian very well felt the jealousy seep through the phone, so he quickly explained himself. "Mr. Lu, ten minutes ago, I saw Zhao Meng send a message on her friends' circle. That's how I found out. I even gave it a 'like'."

Lu Jinnian snorted, as though he was ready to hang the call.

The a.s.sistant thought about how Qiao Anhao was hounded by the internet right now, and said, "Mr. Lu..."

Yet how could he see their friends' circle, and Lu Jinnian couldn't? He then remembered that he hadn't been on WeChat since last year when he and Qiao Anhao parted ways on Chinese Valentine's day. Then his eyes fell onto the phone in the drawer.

With that, Lu Jinnian halted the finger he was going to use to cut the call and interrupted the a.s.sistant. "Oh, that's right. Go to a branch for China Mobile, get them to make a new SIM for my old number, and take it to ACR."

"Yes, Mr. Lu," replied the a.s.sistant. Then he wanted to continue with what he was just going to say. "Mr. Lu, Miss Qiao was..."

"Doot-doot-doot..." The call was bluntly cut off by Lu Jinnian.

Lu Jinnian didn't even change his clothes, heading straight back to his car in the same attire. Just as he got ready to drive off, the flowers coincidentally arrived.

He lowered the car window, and the delivery boy handed him a card. "Sir, please sign for this."

Sign for what... the person who's meant to sign it isn't at home... and she trashed the house...

Lu Jinnian secretly wanted to swear, but he grabbed the pen and signed his name. Then he took the flowers and threw them to the back seat.

When Lu Jinnian sped over to ACR, his a.s.sistant was already waiting at the department store entrance. As soon as he saw Lu Jinnian, he immediately handed him his new SIM card.

Lu Jinnian put it into his phone and turned it on, whilst rus.h.i.+ng into ACR.

He stood on the first floor in front of the map and found the j.a.panese restaurant. Then rushed over to the escalators.

His a.s.sistant followed behind him and said, "Mr. Lu, I have something to report to you, it's about..."

"If there's something, let's talk about it later." Lu Jinnian completely wasn't in the mood to talk about business. Right now, all he could think about was that woman and why did she hang up on him.

"Mr. Lu, what I wanted to talk to you about was..." Inside, his a.s.sistant had already started to cry. Could he just finish what he had to say? He wanted to talk about Miss Qiao's issues.

"Do you want me to repeat what I just said?" Lu Jinnian casually asked in response as he entered his WeChat pa.s.sword without even a glance at his a.s.sistant.