Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 713

Chapter 713: The Lu Qiao Couple (2)

Under Qiao Anhao's evasion and hypocrisy, Lu Jinnian let out a gentle chuckle and slowly threaded his fingers through a string of her hair. "To protect our child is to protect me..."

Qiao Anhao didn't fight back and lifted her eyes to stare at Lu Jinnian with a pursed smile.

"Kekeke," coughed the a.s.sistant suddenly.

Zhao Meng also went along and cleared her throat. "With you guys like this... Do you really think it's good for you both to show your affection for us to see?"

The a.s.sistant added, "Yeah, I'm with Zhao Meng. Perhaps you both haven't heard of something called 'Those who show off their love, die sooner?'..."

As the a.s.sistant said this, he hurriedly stopped and caught sight of Lu Jinnian's chilling glare. He immediately lowered his head and pretended to not have said anything. He raised his sake and downed it. He even poured Lu Jinnian a cup, handed it to him with a smile, and said to kiss up to him. "Mr. Lu, the sake here tastes the best."

Lu Jinnian stared at the cup of sake in front of him for a while, before finally picking it up.

Only then did the a.s.sistant let out a sigh of relief.

However, his anger hadn't completely subsided, for he suddenly lifted his eyes and swept him a look. "What do you mean 'Those who show off their love, die sooner?"

The a.s.sistant swiftly shook his head.

"Qiao Qiao and I were always affectionate, do you think we needn't show it?"

The a.s.sistant's head shook even more frantically.

After the meal, Lu Jinnian paid the bill.

He was a little exhausted and wanted to go home with Qiao Anhao and sleep, but in the end, Zhao Meng rushed ahead to say with a beaming smile, "Mr. Lu, Qiao Qiao and I went window shopping before we came to eat at ACR. Qiao Qiao had her eye on a lot of things she wanted to buy. She said she'd go buy them after lunch."

Qiao Anhao abruptly lifted her head and stared at Zhao Meng.

When she went window shopping with her? They clearly made plans to go shopping later that afternoon! And... when did she have her eye on many things to buy?

After hearing what Zhao Meng had to say, Lu Jinnian didn't even question if what she said was real or fake, he immediately stood up and picked up his jacket from behind his chair. He looked over at Qiao Anhao and said, "Then let's go."

"I..." Qiao Anhao instinctively wanted to deny it.

Yet Zhao Meng cheerfully stood up from her seat and dragged her up too. "Qiao Qiao, do you want to buy handbags or clothes first? Or jewelry?"


Though Zhao Meng had asked Qiao Anhao, she obviously had no intention of letting her friend get a word in. "From what I saw, you loved the new model of Chanel handbag so much you have to have it. Let's first go to Chanel on the first floor."

After she said this, Zhao Meng looked over at Lu Jinnian. "Mr. Lu, can we?"

Lu Jinnian nodded without any objections.

Just as Qiao Anhao was about to speak out, Zhao Meng quickly whispered into her ear at a volume only the two of them could hear. "Qiao Qiao, let me tell you... you're being followed by a reporter who's been taking photos for as long as that entire meal. Now that Mr. Lu is here, that reporter will definitely follow us. Wasn't everyone online cursing you? Wasn't Lin s.h.i.+yi so pleased with herself? Now that Mr. Lu is here shopping with you, buy everything you could possible want! Once that reporter let the news out, it'll just kill her!

"Also, Qiao Qiao, I'm just helping you let off some steam. Don't go running away and betraying me. What's more, Mr. Lu is your husband, so why should we just let so many people curse you out on the internet."