Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 714

Chapter 714: The Lu Qiao Couple (3)

Actually, Zhao Meng was right. Why did she have to be cursed out by so many people online? She owed them nothing.

And then there was those hard-to-hear things Lin s.h.i.+yi had said about her... If she could, then she really wanted to viciously fight Lin s.h.i.+yi back!

When Qiao Anhao heard Zhao Meng's words, it wasn't like she wasn't tempted... After all, she wasn't a saint, she was just the same as the myriad other women in the world. She was a little vain and would secretly feel down under everyone's criticism.

"Qiao Qiao, don't tell me, you want to be a push over!" Zhao Meng's voice sounded slightly resentful and impatient.

Who wants to be a pushover?!

Qiao Anhao glared at Zhao Meng with a bad feeling. Though she called Lu Jinnian over last time during the shoot of "Love at First Sight", she still felt a little apprehensive. But eventually she nodded and said, "Got it."

Zhao Meng abruptly smiled and blinked at Qiao Anhao enthusiastically, saying, "Tonight the entertainment news are going to blow up!"

Though Qiao Anhao agreed to Zhao Meng's suggestion, when she really did step foot into the store, she felt a little sorry when it came time to choosing what to buy.

She wasn't trying to act pretentious. Perhaps every woman who truly loves a man doesn't want to give off the impression that they are with them for the money.

And so Qiao Anhao kept her plan in mind under Lu Jinnian's patient company. In the end, she spent half a day to finally choose just the one bag.

Zhao Meng looked over at the reporter, who would hide and take a photo of them every now and then. Seeing Qiao Anhao's contorted expression on her face, a random concerned feeling like "a child who cannot learn is a hopeless case" came over Zhao Meng.

Eventually, she calculated something in her mind for a moment, then suddenly pointed over at the most expensive bag beside them and said, "Qiao Qiao, did you say that you liked this one earlier?"

After hearing what Zhao Meng said, Lu Jinnian, who had originally pulled out his card ready to pay, put it back into his wallet. He looked over at the shop a.s.sistant and made a hand gesture as though to ask her to wait for a moment. Qiao Anhao slowly lowered her head, and looked at the flat shoes she wore today. Lu Jinnian asked her, who just about reached his shoulder, in a gentle voice, "Which one do you like?".

Qiao Anhao didn't nod nor shook her head.

But Lu Jinnian didn't care too much for her opinion. Instead, he just shot his a.s.sistant following behind a look, who immediately told the shop a.s.sistant, "Could you please wrap up this bag also?"

"Is there anything else you'd like?"Lu Jinnian asked again. This time, without any rush to pay.

Zhao Meng rushed to answer first. "Yeah, that one, that one, and that one..."

Not to mention good-looking bags, Zhao Meng practically pointed at every single bag in her sight. She was so fast, Qiao Anhao couldn't even get a word out. "... and that one. Oh! That's right, Qiao Qiao also likes that one..."

When Zhao Meng finished, she realized that the last bag looked like the same model as the one Qiao Anhao carried today. She then calmly explained, "Oh, Qiao Qiao especially likes that bag. The one she has is a little old, she wants a new one."

Lu Jinnian calmly let out an "Uh huh", then glanced at the a.s.sistant to tell him, "Could you please wrap up all of the bags the lady pointed at?"

Lu Jinnian went to the front counter to pay the bill while the a.s.sistant inspected the items with the shop a.s.sistant.