Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 715

Chapter 715: The Lu Qiao Couple (4)

Qiao Anhao grabbed Zhao Meng in a swoop and said in a low voice, "Zhao Meng, are you crazy? You're about to clear out the store."

"Qiao Qiao, you've stripped naked in front of each other, what's there to be embarra.s.sed about now?" Zhao Meng glanced at Qiao Anhao. "What's more, we aren't spending your money. Why are you so hurt?"

"What do you mean it's not my money." They were already married. Lu Jinnian's money was her money.

"Alright, even if it was your money, but with so much money, even if you tried your hardest to spend it, you can't possibly spend it in a short amount of time." As Zhao Meng said this, she glared at Qiao Anhao. Then Qiao Anhao heard Lu Jinnian's beautiful voice from behind her.

"What are you two chatting about?"

Before Qiao Anhao said a word, Zhao Meng said whilst snickering, "Mr. Lu, your wife is reviewing herself for wasting the family fortune."

As Zhao Meng's words fell, she felt Qiao Anhao forcefully pinching the side of her hip.

Your wife... Those three words sounded so good to hear... It felt like a gust of spring breeze had brushed over Lu Jinnian's incomparibly handsome face. He couldn't help but reach his arm out with a slightly weak touch and rub Qiao Anhao's head. Then instead of shoving his wallet back into his pocket, he handed it to her. "Don't worry about it. You can go spend it all."

It wasn't that he was generous or didn't care about money.

But because he was once so poor he only had two hundred RMB on him yet still didn't hesitate to spend it all on her. Let alone now?

No matter how time flew by... no matter how rich he was now... no matter what they'd gone through or how they've changed in the last thousands of years... From his very bones, he knew she was the woman he loved throughout his entire youth.

Even when was really poor, he was willing to exhaust his wallet to pay her bills.

Although it was Zhao Meng's idea and Lu Jinnian hadn't a clue what was going on and didn't have the intention to show off, he followed right along. He simply wanted to buy the things he thought she liked... to buy all of them for her!

So much so, he was willing to give her his wallet.

Qiao Anhao had forgotten when she saw the phrase online, but now it came flying back. It isn't important how much money a man has. What's important is whether he is willing to give it to you.

At the time, a lot of people said that it was a cla.s.sic quote. At the time, she was young and didn't understand the real meaning behind it. Now that she was all grown, she understood the importance of life's daily necessities... she understood how exhausting running around a city to get to work was... she understood that even though you didn't like money, you couldn't exist without it, and that's when she understood that most of the time, money didn't equal love but was a way to express it.

Qiao Anhao pinched Lu Jinnian's wallet, raised her head, and stared straight at him.

He probably hadn't rested for several days now. His complexion still looked shockingly handsome, but there was an obvious hint of exhaustion between his brows. His eyes were drooped and he had seriously dark circles under them.

He wore a slightly unb.u.t.toned white s.h.i.+rt and who knows where he ripped his tie off... Qiao Anhao could see that the collar was ruffled up, and it was slightly dirty. He probably hadn't changed out of it for a long time.

Did he rush back from America yesterday, got home without even taking the time to shower, and then ran over to see her?

He was obviously really tired, and yet he still forced himself to hold up and go shopping with her.