Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 716

Chapter 716: The Lu Qiao Couple(5)

What about her? She didn't try to understand him and had instead gone head on with the curses online and with Lin s.h.i.+yi who would do her no good. 

Qiao Anhao felt guilt engulf her, she felt as though the weight of Lu Jinnian's wallet was too heavy for her, it was as if she wasn't appreciative of his care. 

She lowered her eyes in shame. 

Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant and the shop a.s.sistant walked over with handful of bags. "Mr Lu, everything is checked, there isn't any problem."

Lu Jinnian nodded and reached out to tug at Qiao Anhao's elbow. "Let's go, didn't you want to look at clothes?"

Qiao Anhao remained stationary as the guilt piled on. 

Lu Jinnian frowned and turned to look at her with confusion. "What's wrong?"

She bit down on her lip and turned to look at Zhao Meng instead. "I'm sorry."

The confusion thickened in his eyes. 

Qiao Anhao didn't dare to look at Lu Jinnian. She turned towards the shop a.s.sistant."Can I return all those bags." 

"Ah? Ms. Qiao, don't you like these?" Lu Jinnian's a.s.sistant exclaimed. 

Lu Jinnian's frown deepened, but he stared at Qiao Anhao silently. 

Qiao Anhao glanced at the pile of beautifully packaged bags before pointing to the first bag she had picked out. "I only want this one, please help me return the rest."

Pausing slightly, she asked, "Can I return them?"

The shop a.s.sistant smiled. "Yes, I'll process it for you now."

"Give us a moment." After a moment of silence, Lu Jinnian spoke. He signaled for Zhao Meng and his a.s.sistant to give them some time. He held onto Qiao Anhao's hand and let her out of the store to an emergency exit nearby that was empty. Turning to stare into her face, he said, "Tell me what's wrong."

Qiao Anhao forced her lips into a tight line, avoiding his gaze in silence. 

Lu Jinnian pressed her against the wall and reached out to lift her jaws. Slowly, he lowered his body to stare straight into her clear eyes. "Qiao Qiao, I know you're hiding something from me."

Qiao Anhao knew that the moment she requested to return the bags, he would definitely sense that something was amiss. 

She also knew that Lu Jinnian would now definitely catch on that the scandal was blazing all over the web. 

She had wanted to let him rest before complaining about the scandal but after being directed by Zhao Meng, she felt that she could no longer keep it from him, so she confessed honestly, "Today when I woke up, I realized that I was entangled in a scandal... and was on the headlines."

Lu Jinnian froze. He grabbed for his phone and entered weibo, the words [Qiao Anhao, Man Chaser] came into sight. 

He quickly clicked the bold words and saw the video, all the captions and comments. Gradually, his face darkened and his frown deepened. 

"Actually, it's fine to be on the headlines, it's common for celebrities to have scandals once in a while," Qiao Anhao rea.s.sured, attempting to make it sound like nothing.