Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 717

Chapter 717: The Lu Qiao Couple(6)

"Actually, it's fine to be on the headlines, it's common for celebrities to have scandals once in a while," Qiao Anhao rea.s.sured, attempting to make it sound like nothing. 

She then repeated the conversation she had seen of Lin s.h.i.+yi on weibo. 

After listening to her description, Lu Jinnian's originally darkened face fell more, turning almost menacing. 

Even though Qiao Anhao knew that he wasn't angry at her, she still didn't have the courage to face him, muttering softly, "Because her words were too hurtful... and she had even posted it on her weibo..."

Even though she was describing the incident, she couldn't hold back the bitterness she felt. "Basically, she was insulting me and I didn't feel good about it.

"While we were eating, Zhao Meng realized that there were paparazzi, so she suddenly had an inspiration... She wanted them to take photos of us shopping together..."

Even though she didn't finish her sentence, Lu Jinnian understood. 

Back when they were in the shop, Zhao Meng had continuously harped on about which bags to buy while she had remained silent the whole time... The two of them must have discussed it before? 

Qiao Anhao kept on rambling on, trying to clarify the situation before finally lifting her head to look at him. In a soft, apologetic tone, she said, "Lu Jinnian, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made you shop with me.

"As soon as new entertainment news comes out, the scandal will go down. No one will care for it anymore, and as for Lin s.h.i.+yi, I'll just ignore her. I wasn't in the right mind just now when I wanted to spite her. Besides, I won't be able to finish using all those bags, and there are even some that I don't really like anyways. We shouldn't waste money like that. 

"You haven't even rested after such a long flight back from America. You must be tired, let's go home now, can we?" 

Qiao Anhao lifted one eye to sneak a peek, but before she could see Lu Jinnian, his head had already lowered. Slowly, tenderness covered her lips. 

After being on the road for such a long time, he was indeed exhausted, but once he took in her all her words, his fatigue seemed to have been chased away. 

Ever since he returned, he had wanted to kiss her just like this. But when he came back and saw her, his a.s.sistant and Zhao Meng were still around, so he could only hold it in. 

He had been holding it in till now, and even though they were still outside and he knew that there were paparazzi around, he didn't mind... They were already entangled in a scandal, so he didn't mind taking it up a notch, besides... She was the woman he loved, the woman he had been using his entire life to cherish and care for. How then could he let others insult her so easily?

Qiao Anhao legs turned to jelly, and she suddenly remembered the paparazzi. Her eyes went wide as she saw someone sneakily taking photos of them. Hurriedly, she tried to dodge Lu Jinnian's lips, breathlessly, she said, "Someone is taking photos..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Jinnian muttered hoa.r.s.ely, "Let them."

Once more, the tenderness descended onto her lips.