Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 719

Chapter 719: The Lu Qiao Couple(8)
Chapter 719: The Lu Qiao Couple8
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He just didn't want to return the gifts that he gave her... was there a need to come up with such a ridiculous reason.

His assistant hurriedly picked up the bags and complained silently while he trailed behind


Lu Jinnian turned into another store the moment they exited the bag store even though he had said that they would head home soon.

Qiao Anhao stopped at the entrance of the store and tugged at his arm. "Lu Jinnian, didn't you say we were going back?"

Lu Jinnian nodded lightly before replying quietly, "Yea, but Im a little stuffed from lunch. Let's shop for a while to walk it off before going back."


When they were really done, Qiao Anhao realized that 'shop for a while' meant that he wanted to scour through every shop in ACR.

Initially, he would still seek Qiao Anhao's opinion, asking if she liked the item. Whenever she hesitated before shaking her head, he would signal for his assistant to get the item. She would try to reason with him or stop his assistant him from buying the item but the assistant would only listen to Lu Jinnian's instructions, ignoring her objections.

Gradually, she started to brighten up. Whenever Lu Jinnian asked for her opinion, she would shake her head resolutely. In the beginning, Lu Jinnian would believe that she truly didn't like the item but after she continuously shook her head for less than ten minutes, he detected her little act, buying everything he wanted without asking her. It was much more decisive and domineering that Zhao Meng had been in the bag store.

Even Zhao Meng who had suggested the idea initially was left stunned by his actions, she couldn't help leaning over to whisper to Qiao Anhao, "Qiao Qiao, what did you tell Mr. Lu? Is he trying to empty the entire ACR?"

Just then, Lu Jinnian pointed to a dress. He turned to ask which color she preferred but when she didn't respond, he got his assistant to buy every color the dress came in.

Zhao Meng stared on anxiously. "Wa! Mr. Lu is going crazy!"

But so dashing at the same time!


As their shopping spree neared the end, there were too many things for them to carry. A shop assistant had to get the security guards to push two trolleys up so that they could get everything down.

Even at that moment Lu Jinnian was still unsatisfied, he held onto Qiao Anhao and headed into another store. She tugged onto his hand, stopping him from entering the store with all her might as she threatened to burst into tears. "Lu Jinnian, stop buying..."

Even though he heard what she had said, he turned to glance at her. His face was tainted with worry. "Why? Are you tired? Is your leg sore?"

"I said stop buying..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Jinnian bent down to carry her in his arms.