Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 720

Chapter 720: The Lu Qiao Couple(9)

"Lu Jinnian, what are you doing?" Qiao Anhao circled her arms around his neck instinctively. 

Lu Jinnian remained silent, taking in the surroundings with her in his arms. When he spotted a rest area not far away, he took large strides over and placed her on a bench. 

The moment Qiao Anhao tried to stand, Lu Jinnian pulled her back down. He casually knelt down in front of her, removed her shoes, and grabbed onto her slim and tender legs. 

Qiao Anhao couldn't understand his actions. She tried to squiggle her feet out of his palms, but Lu Jinnian tightened his grip and started to softly ma.s.sage the b.a.l.l.s of her feet. 

Even though she had bathed before coming out and didn't have any feet problems, they were still dirty after walking for such a long while. How could he just start ma.s.saging her feet... Besides, she was prepared to walk for long hours before coming out hence she chose a comfortable pair of shoes. Her feet weren't in any pain... 

Regardless of whether there were outsiders around, Qiao Anhao wasn't used to having Lu Jinnian ma.s.sage her feet. But now, they were actually in the middle of the mall! 

Lu Jinnian was exerting too much strength for to be able to escape, so she reached over to grab his hands.

He lifted his head to glance at her before removing her arm. "Sit there and stop moving."

His words were calming but had a forceful aura, and before she knew it, Qiao Anhao had loosened her grip. Lu Jinnian glanced back down, resuming the feet ma.s.sage. 

His strength was well balanced and comfortable. 

Qiao Anhao sat stiffly as she watched Lu Jinnian. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. 

On the other hand, Lu Jinnian looked completely at ease as if he was doing something perfectly normal. 

Qiao Anhao looked for a while more before looking away. Just then, she saw someone in a cap hiding behind a wall taking photos of them. 

The person was focusing the camera on Lu Jinnian's hands as he ma.s.saged her feet. He didn't seem to realize that Qiao Anhao had spotted him as he continued to snap shots. 

At that moment, she finally understood Lu Jinnian's actions. 

Her heart tightened as grat.i.tude drowned her. 

Lu Jinnian's splurge and leg ma.s.sage was to let the paparazzi snap shots of them, to clear her name. 

Her throat tightened and she forced down a ball in her throat. "Lu Jinnian, I'm tired, let's go home."

"Sure," Lu Jinnian replied but continued to ma.s.sage her feet, after a while more, he stood up. Instead of helping her put on her shoes though, he turned with his back to her and pulled at her arm. "I'll carry you."

Picking up her shoes, he stood up. He pushed her upwards lightly to secure her into position before heading to the elevator. 

His a.s.sistant and Zhao Meng followed behind quickly. The trolley was so packed with bags that it kept flowing out, and both the a.s.sistant and Zhao Meng had to continuously stop to pick the items that fell out from crowded trolley.