Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 722

Chapter 722: The Lu Qiao Couple (11)

Although Xu Jiamu was quick, the fire still managed to burn a hole in the paper.

With a turn of his head, Xu Jiamu saw Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian through the car window walk into the villa one after the other. When Lu Jinnian entered the pa.s.scode, he didn't know what Qiao Anhao said, but it pursed her lips into a light smile, prompting Lu Jinnian to stretch his arm out. He stroked her hair and pulled open the door to the villa.

The door didn't shut immediately, so Xu Jiamu could clearly see the two of them standing at the entrance. Lu Jinnian bent down to help Qiao Anhao take off her shoes, and he even put a pair of slippers in front of her. When Qiao Anhao changed her shoes, she tiptoed and pecked Lu Jinnian on the cheek. Lu Jinnian very clearly froze for a moment, then reached his arm out and brought her in front of him with a tug of her arm like he was going to kiss her. In the end, Qiao Anhao held the bouquet of flowers to her face and ran into the house.

Lu Jinnian looked like he was in an excellent mood. He stood at the entrance for a few seconds staring at Qiao Anhao as she ran off. He then changed his shoes and casually closed the door shut.

In the car, Xu Jiamu secretly let out a sigh.

He lowered his head, his eyes falling to the signature on the will in his hands.

Though the words on the photocopy weren't very clear, he could still recognize the two cursive words as Lu Jinnian's name.

Whilst holding the several sheets of paper, his hand started to tremble. Though it had all happened a day ago, he still felt like it was a dream. How could things suddenly turn out like this?

He used to smile and call him 'bro' whenever he b.u.mped into Lu Jinnian.

Every time Qiao Qiao saw him, she used to give him a warm smile and call him Brother Jiamu.

How did it suddenly... suddenly be that he couldn't face the two of them?

In the car, Xu Jiamu stared at the sheets of paper for a long time before he started the car up. Slowly, he drove out of Mian Xiu Garden.

Coincidentally, it was the time for people to get off from work, so there were a lot of cars on the streets of Beijing. He hit the accelerator for one second, then the next, he hit the breaks. Xu Jiamu blindly followed the flow of the traffic, starting and stopping. Eventually, he blanked out for a moment and hit the tail of someone's car.

Thankfully, it wasn't too serious, and the other vehicle was a taxi. The taxi driver was afraid of being late for work so they spoke privately and the other man asked for a thousand yuan. Xu Jiamu paid it without negotiating. After that, he continued to drive aimlessly with a broken headlight.

Night had slowly fallen when Xu Jiamu snapped to his senses and realized that he had driven all the way to Suyuan apartments.

He dazed out for a while but eventually stepped on the breaks. He stopped the car, stared at the apartments' entrance, looking deep in thought.

This was Song Xiangsi's home... In total, the two of them hadn't been in contact for five to six months now... She was probably doing well. At a dinner a while back, he heard that she got a job as a judge for a variety show on some television station. The job offered as much as a billion!

Xu Jiamu pushed open the car door, got out, and leaned against the car, staring up at Song Xiangsi's apartment for a moment. He heard a minivan pull up beside him, and had a strange feeling about it. He abruptly turned his head to really see Song Xiangsi get out of the vehicle. She didn't even notice him, as she kept the usual arrogant look on her face, repeatedly ordering her manager in the car, and waving her arm around in annoyance. Then she stomped towards the apartment entrance in her high heels.