Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 723

Chapter 723: The Lu Qiao Couple (12)

After taking two steps, Song Xiangsi suddenly stopped, like she felt something. With her back against Xu Jiamu, she stood there for a while before slowly turning around. Her eyes were a little cold when she stared directly at Xu Jiamu.

Reuniting after not seeing one another for a really long time, it seemed like he lost his carefree elegance. His clothes were so creased he looked like he had worn them for quite some time now. His hair was messy and his complexion looked exhausted.

But all this had nothing to do with her... He wasn't her man. She didn't want to spend any more of her time on him.

Song Xiangsi thought about it, then drew her eyes back, as though Xu Jiamu was a complete stranger. She continued on her way, but before she could take two steps, the sound of a familiar voice came. "Xiangsi."

Song Xiangsi halted for just a moment, but she never stopped. Instead, she continued to walk arrogantly onward.

Xu Jiamu didn't know what he was doing either. Because of the horrible things his mother did, he didn't want to go home. He couldn't face his brother and his best friend either. He felt like he became alone in this world. He really wanted to be with someone for a little while, just for a little while...

With that thought, Xu Jiamu suddenly caught up to her and fiercely grabbed her wrist. He pulled her back a step, making her face him.

Song Xiangsi tried to swing her wrist from his grip, but failed. She let out a chuckle, and calmly raised her head to look back at Xu Jiamu. "Young master Xu, I don't remember our relations.h.i.+p being so close you can casually drag me back on the street..."

After Song Xiangsi said this, she was suddenly dragged tightly into Xu Jiamu's arms. "Xiangsi, stay with me for a moment, a moment..."

Xu Jiamu's voice was pitiful and weak, stopping Song Xiangsi's taunting words in her throat before she could speak them.

Xu Jiamu didn't say a thing, but hugged her tighter in his arms.

Song Xiangsi could clearly feel a teardrop roll down her ear and into her clothes. She pursed her lips, and balled up her hands by her side into tight fists. Eventually, she raised her arms and hugged Xu Jiamu's waist.

Xu Jiamu dug his head deeper into her neck, and another teardrop rolled down the same tear-stained path on her neck.

Back in Mian Xiu Garden, Qiao Anhao turned the shower on for Lu Jinnian. Taking the opportunity whilst he was showering, she gave the room a quick clean. She also put the bouquet of flowers Lu Jinnian gave her into a vase, so as to prevent the flowers from withering too swiftly. She even added some flower food into the water.

When Lu Jinnian finished taking a shower, he came out of the bathroom to find Qiao Anhao taking photos of the bouquet she put in a vase.

Qiao Anhao heard noises from the bathroom door, but before she could turn her head to glance over, someone suddenly hugged her waist. She fell into Lu Jinnian's arms, as he leaned his head forward and stretched past her neck, covering her lips.

As he kissed her, his hands snaked under her clothes.

Qiao Anhao knew what Lu Jinnian meant by his movements. She slightly avoided his lips, and said with an unsteady breath, "You've been rus.h.i.+ng around for so long, aren't you tired?"