Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 724

Chapter 724: The Lu Qiao Couple (13)

"Even if I'm tired, I'll leave it for after I finish making love to you," said Lu Jinnian before covering her lips again. His kiss was serious and lingered with emotion. Eventually, he carried her to the bed and pushed her down with his body. As he unb.u.t.toned her top, his searing kisses explored her entire form.

Before he entered her, he deliberately stopped and drew closer to her ear. His voice was flat, yet burned with a flirtatious tone. "Qiao Qiao, last night in America, I already wanted to do this..." Suddenly, he vigorously thrust in with force.

As the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Yet Qiao Anhao still a.s.sumed that Lu Jinnian was unbelievably exhausted, so he wouldn't have enough strength left in him. However, in the end he proved her completely wrong. After his long voyage, Lu Jinnian wasn't tired enough to yield. In fact, Qiao Anhao was the first to collapse weakly into a puddle with no strength to move.

When Qiao Anhao woke up again, Lu Jinnian was already awake. He hugged her with one hand whilst she was fast asleep, and with the other, he was tapping away on his phone.

Qiao Anhao only slightly moved her head, but Lu Jinnian felt it and lowered his head to glance over at her. He asked "Awake?", then looked back over at his phone. He swiped it twice and asked, "Are you hungry?"

She shook her head and lifted her chin a little in curiosity, moving closer to Lu Jinnian's phone. "What are you looking at?"

After Qiao Anhao said this, her phone rang twice. She furrowed her brows and pulled out her own phone to find Lu Jinnian's WeChat notification. It was two photos. As Qiao Anhao tapped them open, she turned her head and stared oddly at Lu Jinnian's perfect side profile. "What is it?"

"Give me the phone," Lu Jinnian said but didn't wait for an answer as he grabbed her phone from her hands without her consent. He opened WeChat, then opened and saved the two photos he'd just sent her to her photo alb.u.m.

Qiao Anhao curiously stretched her neck out to take a look. She saw that Lu Jinnian actually sent her two photos of their spoils of war from the afternoon shopping; the first was a photo of the completely packed trunk, and the other was the full car seat.

Qiao Anhao asked in bewilderment, "Why did you send me those two photos?"

Lu Jinnian didn't even say a word as he clicked open the WeChat group for "Alluring Times". In the group, he found Lin s.h.i.+yi's WeChat and immediately added her as a friend.

Qiao Anhao suddenly exploded with anger. "Why did you add her? What if she rejects me, that's so embarra.s.sing for..."

Before Qiao Anhao could say the final word "me", a notification popped up on her phone: The other party has added you as a friend.

Although Lu Jinnian added Lin s.h.i.+yi as a friend, he didn't bother with her. Instead, he went straight to the friends' circle. After half a minute had pa.s.sed, Lin s.h.i.+yi sent her a message. Even though it was a WeChat message and she couldn't see the other person's expression, Qiao Anhao could imagine Lin s.h.i.+yi's arrogance with just a few words. [Why did you go out of your way to add me?]

Lu Jinnian had no intention of replying, and tapped the camera icon above the friends' circle and selected the two photos he'd just sent to Qiao Anhao. He casually added the line: Today after lunch at ACR, hubby took me out shopping to digest the food, and then...