Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 726

Chapter 726: The Lu Qiao Couple (15)

Chapter 726: The Lu Qiao Couple (15)

Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

Today, to be able to take her as my wife, I have no regrets in life.

My only wish is for her years to be bright and peaceful.

In five short minutes after the message being sent to Qiao Anhao's friends' circle, Lu Jinnian already received over a hundred notifications.

This was the first time Qiao Anhao had ever had so many people react to her friends' circle, so when she saw those three figures in red, she leaped in shock. She thought that there was something wrong with her eyes, so she blinked before hurriedly tapping it open. There she saw a series of replies from people both within and outside the entertainment industry, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Iwanabecuteeveryday(Zhao Meng): Mrs. Lu, your Mr. Lu is awesome!

Goodmanthatsme(a.s.sistant): 32 likes.

Below were a series of replies, [Xiao Qiao, you also sent this to a friends' circle?], [Why don't you show off your marriage certificate?], [Qiao Qiao, to be able to marry Mr. Lu, you win in life!], [Congratulations, congratulations. Remember to pa.s.s out wedding sweets!], [Requesting red envelopes].

Until finally, Song Xiangsi's message sent a second ago came up. [Oh! One posts on Weibo, the other posts on WeChat friends' circle. Mr. and Mrs. Lu Qiao have quite the connection!]

When Qiao Anhao saw this, her finger that was swiping down stopped abruptly. She then realized that there were quite a few people who left comments with the words, "also announces their marriage". As though having discovered something, she quickly exited WeChat and opened Weibo to find millions of notifications.

The top three hot topics were all about her and Lu Jinnian. Weibo even released an advert saying Lu Jinnian announced his marriage tonight, exposing his marriage certificate.

As Qiao Anhao saw this, she made a vague a.s.sumption about something, then hastily tapped onto Lu Jinnian's Weibo. He had updated it after over five months of inactivity! The post was just like him - straightforward and direct; a heart emoji with a photo beneath it of their marriage certificate that included a photo of the two of them, their names, and a stamp from the civil affairs bureau.

Not long after Lu Jinnian posted on Weibo, he received millions of likes and fifty million comments. What's more, it was obvious that the numbers were still on a mad rise.

Lu Jinnian actually took the opportunity whilst she was sleeping to silently announce their marriage?

Qiao Anhao turned her head to glance at him. Seeing as he was also staring at his phone, Qiao Anhao stretched her neck out to sneak a peek at his screen to see that he was looking at some news on Weibo.

She only roughly swept through Weibo without even looking at the main stories, so she went back to the entertainment news page and closely studied it for a moment. She realized that as she was staring at Lu Jinnian's screen for a while, Weibo released more news. It was a compilation of over a dozen photos of her and Lu Jinnian. They were photos secretly taken of them in ACR in the afternoon.

From her meal at the j.a.panese restaurant to Lu Jinnian's arrival after being so worn out from his travels, and again when Lu Jinnian pulled her into a kiss in a quiet corridor. Then, more of when Lu Jinnian bought bought bought and swiped swiped swiped... till Lu Jinnian finally carried her, ma.s.saged her feet, and left with her... She practically flipped through all those photos.

Following the explosive photo post, the topic [The Nation's Good Husband] quickly shot up the headlines on Weibo.

Qiao Anhao tapped it open. She discovered that the netizens who had cursed her earlier for being a man chaser had now completely switched sides.