Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 727

Chapter 727: The Lu Qiao Couple (16)

Chapter 727: The Lu Qiao Couple (16)

Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

Qiao Anhao tapped the topic open. She discovered that the netizens who had cursed her earlier for being a man chaser had now completely switched sides.

She saw their collective performance of jealousy, envy, and hatred in their messages' tones'

[Oh G.o.d! Qiao Anhao actually got married to my dream guy.]

[Senior Qiao Anhao must've saved the galaxy to be able to marry my husband in this lifetime!]

[Where the f.u.c.k did your husband come from? Hers is a real husband to sleep with, to touch, to ma.s.sage her feet and buy handbags…]

[How could my husband be so hot? Did he clean out the whole of ACR?]

Earlier everyone was calling Qiao Anhao "man chaser", "shameless", "worthless"... How did it become "Senior saved the galaxy", "won in life", and "Mrs. Lu" later?

The story turned around a little too quickly. Qiao Anhao felt like it was all a dream, completely surreal.

Her Weibo had endless new followers, and so many people commenting and shared that her phone vibrated non-stop. After a while, she snapped back to her senses and opened Lu Jinnian's Weibo.

After some time, his comment section skyrocketed from fifty million to eighty million. Qiao Anhao opened it to find one comment with the most likes: [You are my dream guy. Even though I really wanted to marry you, but as long you're happy, I'm happy].

A comment with the second most liked read: [Dream guy, why did you only show one marriage certificate? Other celebrities have two.]

When Qiao Anhao saw this, she couldn't help but curve one side of her mouth upwards as she thought back to her ripped up marriage certificate. She had the sudden impulse to tease Lu Jinnian, so she took a screenshot of the comments and sent it to Lu Jinnian in a private message. [Yeah... Mr. Lu, why did you only show one marriage certificate?]

With the sending of the message, she heard Lu Jinnian's phone ring 'ding dong'. Knowing that it was her own private message, she bit her bottom lip and sneakily lifted her eyes to check Lu Jinnian up and down. His expression was calm, with no reaction at all.

After half a minute, her phone was still quiet. He didn't reply to her.

So Qiao Anhao sent him another message. [Mr. Lu, why did you only show one marriage certificate?]

There was still no answer, so Qiao Anhao started to flip through the forum. Not long after, their private chat filled her screen with the words: [Mr. Lu, why did you only show one marriage certificate?]

Lu Jinnian had a lighthearted expression on his face. Just when Qiao Anhao couldn't help but say something to him, her phone suddenly vibrated. There was a new notification on Weibo. Qiao Anhao tapped to open it and found that Lu Jinnian had @'d her.

She clicked on it and discovered that he had shared the screenshot she had just sent him with message [Dream guy, why did you only show one marriage certificate? Other celebrities have two.]. He had then added a comment underneath it, [Excuse me, Mrs. Lu, did the marriage certificate taste good? @Qiao Anhao]

With Lu Jinnian's share, Qiao Anhao's Weibo discussion ran like flowing water with messages one after another.

[Mrs. Lu ate the other marriage certificate?!]

[Mrs. Lu, please reply, what does the marriage certificate taste like?]

[Tomorrow, I want to spend nine cents to buy a marriage certificate and see if it tastes good.]

[Woo woo woo, request to eat...]