Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 728

Chapter 728: The Lu Qiao Couple(17)
Chapter 728: The Lu Qiao Couple17
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[One day, I want to try my marriage certificate as well!]

[Wait no more, try it today! I'll be waiting]

Qiao Anhao burst out laughing at that comment.

A large portion of fans that saw the comments couldn't help teasing Qiao Anhao after seeing the repost from Lu Jinnian's Weibo. In just a short half an hour, the topic [Qiao Anhao ate her marriage certificate] became the top hit. One of the fans had even made a meme with a photo that Qiao Anhao had posted previously, but the bread that she was eating was edited into a marriage certificate. The moment the photo was posted, it caused a stir.

Just a second ago, the fans were jealous and in envy but the next it all became a joke. But even if she was the subject of the tease, she felt warm and sweet inside, her eyes curved into crescents as she glanced at Lu Jinnian. She used a slightly complaining tone to express her displeasure, "It's all your fault... Lu Jinnian, apologize to me!"

Her words turned into a whine, and his face softened as a faint smile reached his eyes. He placed his phone down before leaning over to her ears, and in a low sensual tone he said, "How do you want me to apologize? Kneeling?"

A shiver ran through Qiao Anhao, sending her heart trembling. Even though she appeared calm and composed, her voice was shaky, exposing her facade. "Sure, kneel down and apologize..."

"Sure." Turning, Qiao Anhao was once again below him...


Qiao Anhao panted, trying to catch her breath, her entire body limp as she begged. When he finally released her, he pulled her into his arms and leaned down to her ear. "Qiao Qiao, Ive been kneeling in apology the entire time, I haven't skived. "

Kneeling in apology....

Qiao Anhao paused, stunned as she processed his words, the image of Lu Jinnian a moment ago floating into her mind. He was indeed kneeling on her the entire time...

Gradually, she finally understood what he meant.

Ah! Lu Jinnian meant that... he was kneeling on her, using his body to apologize.....


At 9 pm, Qiao Anxia alighted from the flight from Japan back to Beijing. While she waited for Cheng Yang in the airport lounge, she scrolled through Weibo, looking at the scandal about Qiao Anhao.

A flame started burning in her heart, but when she clicked onto the header and saw Lu Jinnian's name, she froze.

The person Qiao Anhao was chasing after is him... The person that had disappeared for five months.

Before Qiao Anxia could fully process the information, Cheng Yang called to inform her that he was here.

Qiao Anxia hurriedly put away her phone, leaving the lounge with her luggage.

The moment she left the airport, she caught sight of Cheng Yang's car. When she approached, she bent and saw him focusing on his phone.