Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 731

Chapter 731: The Lu Qiao Couple (20)

Chapter 731: The Lu Qiao Couple (20)

Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

Chen Yang was slightly stunned for a moment, then he asked with a caring tone, "What's the matter? Do you not feel well?"

"I'm fine." Qiao Anxia smiled and shook her head.

Chen Yang let out an "oh", then held her hand. "Let's go have dinner."

She looked at the table of dishes he had already laid out, and pulled her arm away. "I'm not hungry. I really want to sleep. You eat."

Chen Yang pursed his lips and stared at Qiao Anxia with bright eyes for a while. Eventually, he nodded and said in his usually warm voice, "Okay, then I'll go turn the shower on for you."

"That's alright. I'll do it myself," Qiao Anxia said in a gentle voice.

Cheng Yang moved his lips and nodded. "Alright, you go sleep for a bit first, I'll keep your food warm for you to eat when you get up."

Qiao Anxia let out an "Uh huh".

Chen Yang instinctively lowered his head and planted a kiss between her brows. Just as his lips left her skin, she pulled her hand away, turned around and left.

Cheng Yang, who had waited for Qiao Anxia's plane, hadn't eaten, so he was actually pretty hungry. It was now nine o'clock, but at that moment, he lost his appet.i.te. He chose not to rush back to the bedroom, but instead sat at the table for over half an hour before getting up. He wrapped the dishes in cling film, put them in the thermal food box, and then walked back into the bedroom.

He pushed open the door and saw Qiao Anxia on the bed all of a sudden shove her phone under the duvet and shut her eyes.

He stopped there at the door for a moment, then lightly walked over to the side of the bed. He knew that she was obviously not asleep, but he pretended not to know. After attentively pulling her covers up, he went into the bathroom.

After coming out of the shower, Chen Yang turned the lights off and lay down by Qiao Anxia's side without disturbing her. He shut his eyes but wasn't at all sleepy.

He didn't know how long had pa.s.sed when he felt her slightly s.h.i.+ft around beside him, turning her phone on. Although he had his eyes shut, he could still sense it light up.

After a long while had pa.s.sed, the phone screen darkened, and in the still of the night, he could clearly hear the on and off m.u.f.fled cries of the woman by his side.

Chen Yang's eyelashes flickered twice, but he still didn't move an inch, pretending to be in deep sleep.

The sound of crying continued for a long time before it disappeared. After who knows how long had pa.s.sed again, Qiao Anxia's breathing became soft and long, as though she had fallen asleep. Only then did Chen Yang opened his eyes and turned his head. Under the pale yellow lights in the bedroom, he saw that her eyes were swollen from crying.

He gulped and his eyes fell on her phone. He hesitated for a moment before picking it up. He entered the pa.s.scode and went to Weibo to see Lu Jinnian's page open.

About four hours ago, Lu Jinnian had sent out a new post, [Excuse me, Mrs. Lu, did the marriage certificate taste good? @Qiao Anhao]

No matter how one saw it, such a short phrase made people feel like the couple was covertly showing off its happiness.

However, as Qiao Anhao's older sister, Qiao Anxia actually cried for most of the night over her happiness...

In his heart, Chen Yang felt like he understood something. He always gave Qiao Anxia her personal s.p.a.ce, but for the first time, he opened her phone contacts. After looking through them for a long while, he eventually found the name "My Love". He tapped it to find that his number wasn't saved under that name, but another number he was very familiar with.