Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 732

Chapter 732: The Lu Qiao Couple (21)

Lu Jinnian's phone number..

Eleven digits confirmed his suspicions.

So his girlfriend who he had announced he was dating for over half a year now... the girlfriend he was about to propose to in a few days time on the fourteenth of February... the girlfriend who he had been dating for eight months now... the person who she actually loved, wasn't him.

After Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian publicly announced their marriage, this news dominated the headlines for a full week. In that week, people didn't fail to secretly take photos of Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian out on the streets or eating a meal.

With those very candid photos of the week, another topic rose to the Weibo top searches: [Unconventionally Warm Man Lu Jinnian].

The reason for this was simple - the Lu Jinnian in the photos appeared cold and distant, but he would always do something thoughtless that would reveal his true inner feelings.

For example, there was a video of Qiao Anhao choosing towels where Lu Jinnian wore a dull look on his face and stood far away, swiping his phone screen as though he wasn't concerned. However, in just forty short seconds of the video, he sneaked a glance over at Qiao Anhao twelve times. According to people online, the shortest glance lasted under a second, and the longest was over five seconds.

For another example, there was a photo taken by a fan of Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian in an elevator. When the elevator got a little unbearably full of people, Lu Jinnian stood with a cold look on his face, but his eyes never looked towards Qiao Anhao's smiling face. No one knew what Qiao Anhao was jabbering on about but he never once opened his mouth to speak. Instead, throughout the elevator journey, he kept his hand raised around Qiao Anhao's head. His gesture could be seen as him being afraid that someone might accidentally into her head in the crowded elevator.

In the topic [Unconventionally Warm Man Lu Jinnian], there was one particular comment that got over three hundred likes: [He's not a cold person, you're just not the person he wants to be warm with.]

Eventually, the headliner that overshadowed Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao's news was the polls.

This year, Hollywood's major picture needed to cast a female celebrity from China, and the character was going to be chosen with the poll method.

There were some things Qiao Anhao might've casually said... yet Lu Jinnian clearly remembered that her dream was to become the queen of the silver screen.

If a celebrity wanted to make it big, to become a queen of the silver screen, then they needed to have determination and a portfolio of works. It was impossible to do so without several years under their belt.

This time, Hollywood's poll was the chance for a female celebrity to undoubtedly propel their career.

Since Qiao Anhao had already completed a few projects, if she got this role, she wouldn't be far off from becoming the queen of the silver screen.

So Lu Jinnian signed her up for it.

Qiao Anhao didn't know about it until she was sent a letter to Mian Xiu Garden informing her that she'd been shortlisted.

In truth, Qiao Anhao didn't really want to be the queen of the silver screen when she entered the entertainment industry, all she wanted was to become the best screen couple with Lu Jinnian. Now that they were husband and wife, she had achieved more than she'd ever dreamed.

She was considering to stop filming, but then Lu Jinnian had already signed her up and she also got shortlisted. If she was to outright reject it, then she'd be taking Lu Jinnian's wishes for granted. What's more, after he stopped production for "Love at First Sight", Qiao Anhao had been quite free, and so she decided to give this Hollywood casting poll her all.