Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 740

Chapter 740: Decision(5)

Lu Jinnian thought for a topic to talk to her. "Eternal heart" was one of the top ten diamonds in the world but it wasn't the best or the most expensive. At that time, he asked her why she didn't choose a more well known one such as "Ocean's Heart" or "Africa's Heart". 

She seemed nervous when she heard his voice, and after hesitating for about half a minute, she turned. She didn't respond immediately, instead, her lips curled into a tender smile that made her look adorable. He had even blushed, hurriedly turning away, only allowing her to see half his face. That's when he heard her say " I like 'Eternal Heart'."

She then added that it was too expensive so it was just a fantasy. 

At that time, he was still a poor student, but since he knew that she liked it, he went online to search it up. He then soon found out that the sum was too much for him. 

Now he had married her in a rush, without confessing, dating, proposing, an engagement ceremony, or even a wedding. 

Even though she had never mentioned anything to him, but how could he allow her to be deprived off something so essential?

Besides, after he had contacted Mr. Wei and entered the bedroom, he clearly saw envy and a slight dim in her eyes when she saw a scene where a main lead proposed to a female lead. 

"Because my wife likes it."

Mr. Wei was left speechless by Lu Jinnian's simple answer. 

Because my wife likes it... That meant that he can just spend such a large sum for a diamond?

This was indeed a rich man's world... 

Mr. Wei flipped the empty doc.u.ment before pus.h.i.+ng it back to Lu Jinnian. Lu Jinnian frowned. "You are not satisfied?" 

"No." Mr. Wei picked the check from the table. "I think this is enough, as for the additional conditions, I don't need them."

Lu Jinnian indeed had a talent for negotiation, even though he always kept a low profile, Mr. Wei was aware that he had close ties with people from Hollywood. 

Rather than ending their ties on a deal, Mr. Wei would much rather have a friend like Lu Jinnian by his side which could be useful in sending Wei Enterprise to a global scale. 

A good businessman would always think further. 

Mr. Wei glanced at Lu Jinnian, who was sitting gracefully in front or him. "I'll sell the "Eternal Heart" to you, if you're free now, you can head over to Wei mansion with me to get it."

The unexpected compliance seemed to have caught Lu Jinnian off guard, but he quickly understood Mr. Wei's intentions. He was clearly trying to sell a favor to deepen their cooperation. 

Lu Jinnian never liked taking favors but he agreed, signaling to a waiter for the bill. 

After they left the golf course and prepared to enter the car, Lu Jinnian's phone rang, it was a call from his a.s.sistant. He excused himself before walking a distance to answer. 

"Mr. Lu, there's trouble! Miss Qiao's past marriage with Mr. Xu has been exposed, the entire web is in a frenzy. Someone has even exposed the location of your house, Mian Xiu Garden is now flooded with reporters."