Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Xu Jiamu's Decision (2)

Eventually, everyone named her  Pan Jinlian 1 . They said she was his modern version.

When she woke this morning, she was complimented by netizens for her rendition of "So What" during last night's Hollywood casting selection. So much so, that netizens voted her out as number one. In eight short hours, her name was in tatters. She'd become the representative for despised, fickle women.

Qiao Anhao knew that this time the scandal was far more serious than when she was called out for pestering Lu Jinnian and being named a man-chaser.

There was a high possibility that because of this she would probably never get any more commercial deals or movies. Every time someone thought of her, they would probably call her easy to get. Most importantly, this would also drag Lu Jinnian down.

Because according to netizens, she was fooling around whilst married, so Lu Jinnian was the third wheel.

In an instant, the Lu Qiao couple had become the trash guy and cheap woman.

However, Lu Jinnian's fans were too strong. At this moment, everyone thought about ways to protect their revered dream guy, and so discussions created to curse Lu Jinnian quickly turned to discussions to save him. Some fans who were overly in love with him inevitably focused their anger on Qiao Anhao.

They thought that she was dragging their idol down, and so ceaselessly left comments on her Weibo: [You're not worthy of my husband] ,[Please leave our dream guy alone], [We won't allow you to trample all over the man we deeply love]. These type of messages were also sent privately to Qiao Anhao. There were also some Lu Jinnian's fans who wrote lengthy discussions pleading for her to leave and stop ruining him like this.

One of Lu Jinnian's fan posted the line, [It's you every time. You taint our G.o.d! Please leave our dream guy.] on Weibo and acc.u.mulated millions of likes.

Actually, it was just the innocent thoughts of a fan, but they pierced Qiao Anhao's eyes.

The fan wasn't wrong. Since Lu Jinnian broke into the industry ten long and glorious years ago to now, he had never had anyone expose such terrible news about him. With every step she took to get to today's success, he was attacked several times. The biggest time was last year when everyone tried to say she smoked drugs and he used the truth about him being an illegitimate son to cover up the scandal.

Qiao Anhao shut the computer in a somber mood. She laid on the computer desk with her eyes shut and a heart washed over by a tide of guilt and pain for carrying him down with her.

In many people's eyes, Lu Jinnian was the perfect G.o.d, but she had to drag him down to the dirt and sully his name.

She loved him, but she brought upon him so many disasters.

At that thought, Qiao Anhao's eyes started to water a little.

Through the window, she could still hear the faint sound of chattering from the reporters outside and the endless ringing from the doorbell.

Lu Jinnian must of called the property management to action. After an hour, the reporters outside the courtyard were all ushered away by the security.

The whole world fell silent.

Qiao Anhao let out a sigh of relief, stood up, and then walked over to the window. She saw that it was completely empty outside the gates. All that was left were some leftover rubbish on the ground.

Lu Jinnian was rus.h.i.+ng home from the golf course in the western suburbs, so he wasn't going to be home for over half an hour.

Now that the scandal had become so big, it wouldn't be easy to go out at night anymore. To stop herself from thinking about the things online, Qiao Anhao went downstairs to cook dinner.

(Fictional character) One of the most notorious villains in Chinese literature.