Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Xu Jiamu's Decision (3)

Just as Qiao Anhao walked into the dining room, before she could open the fridge, she heard the doorbell ring.

She got so used to ignoring the incessant ringing just now, that only after a while did she remember that the reporters had been ushered away by the property management. After shutting the fridge door, she walked over to the entrance and glanced over at the security monitor. There, she saw someone dressed in a delivery person's uniform, wearing a baseball cap, so Qiao Anhao pressed the speak b.u.t.ton. A voice came from the monitor, "Delivery."

Qiao Anhao had actually bought some things online a few days ago, and the delivery person was all on their own, so she opened the door and stepped out.

She walked along the long courtyard of pebbles, pulled the door gate open, and casually reached her arm out to take her package. Suddenly, a surge of several people came from behind the wall beside her. Microphones were shoved in front of her face and lights flashed endlessly in front of her face. The reporters also questioned her without stop. 

"Miss Qiao Anhao, are the photos online real?"

"Miss Qiao Anhao, did Mr. Xu Jiamu divorce you because you and Mr. Lu Jinnian betrayed him?"

Qiao Anhao was about to take two steps back and reach her arm out to shut the door when those reporters rushed past the iron gates, one step ahead of her. She was surrounded, with microphones practically stuck to her face.

"Miss Qiao Anhao, we all know that Mr. Lu Jinnian and Mr. Xu Jiamu are stepbrothers on their father's side. I want to ask you, out of the two of them, who do you love most?"

Qiao Anhao was so suffocated by the crowd of reporters, she couldn't quite make out what they were saying. With all her strength, she tried to break free from the ma.s.s of reporters, but because it was so chaotic, someone ended up tripping her over. Without any warning at all, she stumbled to the ground.

Not one of the reporters went over to help her up. Instead, they frantically took photos of her embarra.s.sing position on the floor.

Qiao Anhao instinctively raised her arm to cover her face while hearing ceaseless questions being asked by the reporters.

"Miss Qiao Anhao, did Mr. Lu Jinnian and Mr. Xu Jiamu's relations.h.i.+p break down because of you?"

"Miss Qiao Anhao..."

Just as the scene reached its most uncontrollable point, a reporter suddenly shrieked. "Who dragged me so hard?"

Closely following this, someone crouched down at Qiao Anhao's side and reached their arm out to pull her up from the ground. They hugged her shoulders and asked, "Qiao Qiao, are you alright?"

Qiao Anhao shook her head, still in a state of shock. She turned her head to find Xu Jiamu's furious face.

"Ah, isn't this the CEO of Xu Enterprise, Mr. Xu Jiamu?"

With that reminder, the reporters immediately grew interested. They raised the microphone and flocked over to Xu Jiamu and Qiao Anhao.

"Mr. Xu Jiamu, how are you suddenly here?"

"Mr. Xu Jiamu, is this to say that you still love your ex-wife, Miss Qiao Anhao?"

"Mr. Xu Jiamu, after Qiao Anhao betrayed you, do you not bear any grudges against her?"

Without thinking twice, Xu Jiamu didn't bother with the reporter's questions, and walked Qiao Anhao into the house with her protected in his arms.