Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Xu Jiamu's Decision (4)

The reporters would not stop pestering them. As the crowd followed them, they continued to ask questions.

With the same impa.s.sive att.i.tude, Xu Jiamu embraced Qiao Anhao's shoulder and hastened his pace whilst protecting her from falling over in the tight squeeze.

When they were about to reach the center of the courtyard, the reporters, following right beside Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu, suddenly barged forward, creating a domino effect of people falling forward. One of the reporters staggered from the sheer force from behind, which resulted in him loosening his hand that supported the camera on his shoulder. The camera slipped forward, surging right towards Qiao Anhao's shoulder.

Xu Jiamu, who was stood beside her, was first to see what happened from the corner of his eyes. He subconsciously let out the word "Careful!". Then, he raised his arm and covered Qiao Anhao's shoulder.

The camera smashed onto Xu Jiamu's arm, then fell hard to the ground, the lens shattering.

The camera was extremely heavy, so the immediate pain as it crashed into Xu Jiamu's arm had stopped him in his tracks. He held that blocking position for a whole minute, before gritting his teeth and dropping his arm.

Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu were surrounded once again by the reporters.

They came flocking with questions once more.

Xu Jiamu endured the pain in his arm, and brushed the reporters blocking the way in front of him. He dragged Qiao Anhao back to his side to protect her, and pus.h.i.+ng the reporters in front of him aside, he continued to rush into the villa.

Having seen Xu Jiamu protect Qiao Anhao like that time and time again, the reporters couldn't help but raise a microphone in front of her.

"Miss Qiao Anhao, you're already divorced with Xu Jiamu, why does he treat you so well? Do you and Mr. Xu Jiamu secretly have some kind of shady relations.h.i.+p right now? Which goes to say, are you still lingering around both men, and playing with their feelings?"

Xu Jiamu was already annoyed with those pestering reporters. Now, hearing them say such nonsense, he suddenly erupted in rage. He didn't hesitate to grab the reporter's microphone and throw it brutally to the ground. "What the f*ck did you just say? With which eye did you see us having a shady relations.h.i.+p?"

With an angry roar, he erupted in a slew of swear words.

Xu Jiamu's reaction was so intense, it shocked the reporters into a momentary silence.

No one could say who it was, but someone in the crowd abruptly cried, "How could you hit someone?"

With those words, the reporters slowly snapped back to their senses, and grew increasingly more erratic. "Yeah, how can you just casually shout at people?"

"Even if you're mad from being embarra.s.sed, you can't hit people!"

"Please apologize to us."

"Who the f*ck hit anyone? Who did I hit?"

Xu Jiamu felt that the reporters were being unreasonable. He looked to his left and right with a red face full of anger, then realized that in the midst of the chaos, the reporters had charged their way into Lu Jinnian's courtyard. Suddenly, without thinking twice about it, he pulled out his phone and made a call. "h.e.l.lo, is this 110? I'm at Second Ring Road, Mian Xiu Garden, Unit 106. There are people trespa.s.sing on private property."

As Xu Jiamu said this, the reporters realized just where they were.

Xu Jiamu put his phone away and said in the same outraged tone, "Go ahead and cause trouble. I've already called the police."