Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Xu Jiamu's Decision (6)

Now that Qiao Anhao asked him, how could the photos have been leaked online when there were so few people who knew about them?

How should he respond to that?

That night at the charity gala, the truth about his mother killing her child was already made clear. Now that this happened, it was clear who did it.

Yet, he didn't know how to tell her... that it was probably his mother's doing.

Xu Jiamu subconsciously wanted to change the topic. Then he remembered that he had helped Qiao Anhao up from her fall and asked, "Qiao Qiao, where are you hurt?"

As he said this, he raised his head and saw that her arm was grazed and bleeding.

He hurriedly put his cup down, stood up, and took out the first aid kit from underneath the coffee table. "You're hurt. Let me take care of the wound."

Qiao Anhao had known that Han Ruchu would never leave the matter at that. She would definitely do something.

But she never imagined that it would all come so quickly.

Even if Han Ruchu wanted to ruin her reputation, she could forget about being able to calmly watch her suffer in agony.

Qiao Anhao knew that she was too harsh. Xu Jiamu had just thoughtlessly come to help her with no concern for his own personal safety, and yet she was now using him to attack Han Ruchu. But then again, she had no other options.

Han Ruchu used Lu Jinnian's weakness to defeat him, so all she could do was do the very same; use the woman's weakness to retaliate.

Qiao Anhao silently stared at Xu Jiamu taking a cotton bud from the first aid kit with lowered brows. She was conflicted for a moment but finally opened her mouth to say, "Brother Jiamu, you obviously knew that the only reason why I agreed to your mother's suggestion was because you're my friend. At the time, you got into a car accident and fell unconscious, so I wanted to help you."

Xu Jiamu suddenly stopped moving with the iodine in his hands.

That's right. At first Qiao Qiao wanted to help him, but her kindness ended up becoming her downfall.

"But, Brother Jiamu, I really didn't think things would turn out like this..." With those words, her eyes became a little wet and a single tear rolled down from the corner of her eyes. "Brother Jiamu, did you know? Everyone online is shouting at me. I'm finished. For the rest of my life, I'm finished... At first it was to help you, but in the end I ruined the rest of my life. Not only did I ruin mine, but I also dragged Lu Jinnian down..."

Qiao Anhao was just venting to Xu Jiamu... but Xu Jiamu felt like she was completely blaming him, making him unable to lift his head up in front of her.

He tightly clutched onto the iodine with enormous strength, and finally opened his mouth to say, "Sorry."

"Brother Jiamu, what are you apologizing for? You didn't do anything wrong."

At that very moment, Xu Jiamu really hoped that she would stand up, rant at him in rage, get mad at him for having such a mother, and call him an ingrate.

He felt like that would make him feel better somehow.

He clearly knew that the word "Sorry" was so bland and useless in comparison to the colossal disturbance Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian now had to face.

But as he thought about it, all he could do was say that word. "Sorry, Qiao Qiao. I'm so sorry. Sorry."

Then, at that moment, the door burst open. Lu Jinnian's cold voice had a hint of anxiousness when he called, "Qiao Qiao?"