Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 748

Chapter 748: Xu Jiamu's Decision (8)

Qiao Anhao paused for a moment and made a guess. "Brother Jiamu probably saw what happened from the courtyard next door and rushed over here."

So that's what happened... Lu Jinnian a.s.sumed that because she liked Xu Jiamu in the past, she naturally turned to him for help in a dire situation.

It seemed like he was too nervous and over-thought things.

"This time, it's all thanks to Jiamu."

Qiao Anhao didn't notice how strange it was for Lu Jinnian to question her about what happened. She nestled herself into his arms, and obediently nodded her head.

When Xu Jiamu returned to his villa, he didn't even enter the house. Instead, he got straight into the car, started the engine up, and left.

There were quite a few cars on the road, so his car stopped frequently en route. In the end, he turned into the neighborhood of the Xu family estate.

Just as he turned into the road of his house, Xu Jiamu saw the housekeeper in the courtyard sending a person out. He didn't know what they were saying, but in the end, he saw the housekeeper hand that person an envelope. As he was quite a distance away, Xu Jiamu couldn't quite make out what it was.

But whatever it was, that person seemed delighted. He wasn't sure what he said to the housekeeper, but the man then walked in the direction of this car when finished. The housekeeper stood at the gate for a while before heading back into the courtyard.

Xu Jiamu instinctively slowed the car down, paying close attention to the person with the envelope. The person looked quite familiar to him, as if he he'd seen him somewhere before, but he couldn't quite remember.

The person walked up to a tree by the road, and stopped under it with his back against the road. He opened the envelope.

Xu Jiamu was slightly closer to the stranger now, and he clearly saw him take out a thick wad of cash and swiftly count the notes.

What did this person do? Why did the housekeeper give him so much money?

With a heart filled with suspicion, Xu Jiamu parked the car and stared at the person counting cash for a while. The longer he stared, the more certain he was that he'd seen him before. After thinking back carefully about it for a long while, he thought back to the delivery man he'd seen just then at Lu Jinnian's villa.

Xu Jiamu furrowed his brows in sudden realization... He was the guy dressed as the delivery man!

In that instant, Xu Jiamu pushed open the car door in a rage and rushed over to him. "Why did Auntie Yun give you money?"

The person sheepishly counting his money jumped in shock from Xu Jiamu's sudden move. When he heard what was said, he realized that the person before him was no other than the young master Xu.

Xu Jiamu's patience was extremely awful. Seeing the man take so long to speak up, he suddenly s.n.a.t.c.hed the envelope from his hands, took out a lighter and aimed it at the thick wad of cash. "You going to talk? If you don't talk, believe me I'll take all this money now and burn it for you!"

"Young master Xu, Auntie Yun called me over to fix something in the house..."

Xu Jiamu wasn't having it. With a flick of the lighter, the flame jumped out, immediately scaring the guy to change his tone. "I'll talk! I'll talk!! Young master Xu, Madam Xu gave me the money."

With that, Xu Jiamu loosened his grip of the lighter. He looked at the guy, as though he was was waiting for him to continue.